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  1. JSTpt1022

    Official Team BEER-FI (Beer Appreciation Thread!)

    Quote: I almost bought some of that once. The packaging caught my eye and I mis-read the price tag... When he rang me up I was floored. That four pack of smallish bottles went back on the shelf. I would still love to try it someday but it's going to have to wait.
  2. JSTpt1022

    Post pics of your builds....

    It's a bit of nitpicking Trenchev but you might want to swap the position of the large bulk caps with the small caps so that they are closer to the input and output of the LDO (assuming that you laid the circuit out similarly to the schematic). If the schematic is different than the actual...
  3. JSTpt1022

    How to build a Super computer.

    Quote: No. Parallel computing isn't about raw speed it's about doing multiple processes simultaneously. You would have 10 processors with 2 cores each running at 3 GHz, which is almost like 20 parallel processors at 3 GHz. The thing is, it takes specialized programming to take advantage...
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    Lost Pre Series finale discussion thread (Potential spoilers)

    Even worse, it will all be in Vincent's imagination...
  5. JSTpt1022

    New Forum Complaints

    It's funny. I'm annoyed by just about everything you all are mentioning. The one thing I haven't noticed though is slow-down. Load times seem pretty snappy to me so it must be at least a little platform dependent. Using Windows 7, Firefox 3.6.3.
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    Post pics of your builds....

    A question for Ferrari.   What are you using to make your traces on the underside of the board. Many of the connections seem too long and or too perfect to simply be device leads.
  7. JSTpt1022

    Post pics of your builds....

    Quote: Originally Posted by Pageygeeza Do we get and underneath shot? I'd be interested in seeing that as well.
  8. JSTpt1022

    Topical Shirt on Woot tonight

    They use American Apparel shirts and I actually do like the quality and feel. Sizing is a little weird but the company makes clothes for hipsters so that's not unexpected. Prints are good quality and will stay true to color if you are smart with how you wash (ie cold water, inside out, etc.).
  9. JSTpt1022

    Bicycle Question but not Bicycle-Fi

    I've been over 40 mph on some nice downhills and it was an amazing feeling. Not for those lacking confidence though as any panic can send you to your doom.
  10. JSTpt1022 ?

    As I am sure FA is aware, most of the reviews on that site have historically been written by head-fi members.
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    Interesting musical reference in Lost

    I was just wondering if any Lost fans here caught the interesting musical reference in tonight's (3/16) episode. Somewhere about halfway through the episode when Locke reached out a hand to help Kate up, Giacchino quite clearly quoted the vulgarized idea fixe from the fifth movement of Berlioz'...
  12. JSTpt1022

    Official Team BEER-FI (Beer Appreciation Thread!)

    Quote: Originally Posted by EddieE The US has a reputation (in the UK at least) for not understanding or appreciating real beer, nice to see that myth shattered on this thread. I think you'll find that the old stereotypes are changing. Budweiser is going by the wayside and more...
  13. JSTpt1022

    Nelly Mckay vs Regina Specktor

    Never heard of Nellie, but if she's like Regina I'll have to check her out.
  14. JSTpt1022

    Name an album you bought on day of release

    Another one for In Rainbows here. As far as meeting or exceeding expectations, I think we all know how that one went.
  15. JSTpt1022

    Help: Best 22-26 monitor under 275$

    Well, I don't actually know that much about monitors. But for what its worth, I have a T260HD and I think its great for the money. It's clear, smooth and bright with good movie performance as well as typical computer activities. The few complaints I could make relate more to its performance as a...
  16. JSTpt1022

    Girl Scout Cookies!!!

    Clearly, thin mints are superior. Although, I insist on calling them grasshoppers.
  17. JSTpt1022

    All iPod & mainly iPod Touch users, please comment

    20-40%. 40% is a rare maximum. Usually 20-30.
  18. JSTpt1022

    Car Inspection NEWYORKSTATE - help

    Is your check engine light on? No? Then relax.
  19. JSTpt1022

    What type of audio quality(bitrate) do you listen to?!?!

    Two identical libraries. One in 256 AAC for itunes and the ipod, one in lossless for Fubar.
  20. JSTpt1022

    If you could choose a singing voice, who would you sound like?

    Right now I'm thinking Matt Berninger of The National.
  21. JSTpt1022

    In Celebration of Kid A "Greatest Album Of The Decade".....Vote for your favorite track

    Quote: Originally Posted by MrGreen ... hipsters lol Anyway, for me, How to Disappear Completely holds a special place of importance and is one of my top Radiohead songs from any album.
  22. JSTpt1022

    McDonald's or Subway

    Subway is the lesser of two evils. I eat there at some point at least 4 times a week. Its easy, the cost/calories is pretty good, you can customize and it doesn't taste too bad. The high sodium is starting to get to me though.
  23. JSTpt1022

    RIP Patrick Swayze

    I just happened to watch Ghost the other night too. Sad to see him go.
  24. JSTpt1022

    Devotchka, Beirut...?

    I find The Arcade Fire to be similar to Devotchka.
  25. JSTpt1022

    In today's date and age, what's a good profession to pursue?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Gatto I am going to UB because it is the top SUNY research school, has a medical school and is also the biggest SUNY school. I just read this and thought it was funny that Stony Brook also tout themselves as the top research school in SUNY. The school...