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  1. tjkurita

    Upstate/Central NY Meet Interest Check

    Hello. I am looking for fellow audiophiles in the Upstate and Central NY area. I am approx. 30 mins north of Cooperstown, NY. Easy access to Syracuse, Capital Region, and Utica. I would very much like to hear high efficiency speaker systems (specifically HORNS, Open Baffle, and Field Coil)...
  2. tjkurita

    OPPO BDP83 SE or used Linn Ikemi?

    What do you all think?  Any advice would be welcome.  The A/V + USB (music server) capability makes the OPPO an extremely appealing choice.  How exactly does that work, by the way?  It can read music files from a hard drive?  There is an interface?  Wouldn't that require an operating system of...
  3. tjkurita

    Let's hear it for Misfits!

    I just purchased Misfits by Misfits and I am thoroughly enjoying it! It is definitely not the last word in fidelity but for pure fun it is hard to beat! Especially in the summer in NYC. Play this bad boy on a cassette deck in a 1985 Chevy Nova and you've got something of the Great American...
  4. tjkurita

    Where can I have a custom LED art piece made? Aqua Teen Hunger Force Mooninite wanted

    I need to get one of these for a friend of mine. It is a mooninite from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie campaign. It seems rather simple to build if someone could have the PCB made with the right circuit. Unfortunately, I have no idea where to get a copy of the circuit diagram. But...
  5. tjkurita

    Emm Labs CDSD/DCC2 combo with info on the differences between Dac6 and Dac6 "e"

    I'm thinking of getting a used CDSD/Dac6 combo on Audiogon. Do any Emm Labs experts know the difference between the Dac6 and the Dac6e? I'm not referring to the Signature Edition. But rather the standard incarnations of both. Are there any sonic difference that can't be chalked up to burn-in...
  6. tjkurita

    Isolated John Bonham outtakes!

    Check it out! Get them while you can. One of the greatest things on the internet.
  7. tjkurita

    IC: HD6xx Shootout Meet.

    I'd like to organize a mini-meet dedicated to the beloved Senn. HD 6xx series headphone. The initial idea for this meet came from jjcha's post here. There are some requirements, though. I know Machead wants to go and bring his Rudi rp6-dq. I am also looking for an NX-33 and maybe a single...
  8. tjkurita

    Extremely high pitch sound coming from my Macbook Pro.

    I've got this Macbook Pro that I purchased yesterday. I made the switch from PC. The machine is making an incredibly high pitch noise, very piercing and similar to the tones in the "youth annoyance" post here. It is clearly audible, except for a very small window of space in front of the...
  9. tjkurita

    Any good guides to soldering on the web?

    I am thinking of getting a Bottlehead SEX kit and putting it together. I have exactly zero soldering/building experience, but the kit is for beginners. I am looking for a basic guide on the web or perhaps from experienced builders that might point me in the right direction. This includes...
  10. tjkurita

    Intel Core 2 Duo

    Anyone know when the new Intel chip will be available in Apple computers? I've decided to switch to Apple and I'd like to wait until this faster chip is available in them. Unfortunately my current machine is about to give up the ghost. I'm not sure if I can wait too long.
  11. tjkurita


    Anyone use manual typewriters? Here's a pic of a recent listening/working setup I have been enjoying. Hermes Rocket Portable Typewriter, RSA SR-71, Sony D-777, Grado RS-1. Anyone else use a manual? I am looking for another one, maybe an Olympia. The Rocket is nice for a portable, but the action...
  12. tjkurita

    John Bonham isolated drum tracks?

    I've read a few things about some isolated tracks of John Bonham playing drums in the studio. I was able to find one isolated recording of him playing Fool in the Rain here down below the video clips: His drums sound like an orchestra...
  13. tjkurita

    Will a silver SR-71 be confiscated by airport security?

    Flying to and from Japan from NYC. If it was a shorter domestic flight I could just go without it. But a week in Japan along with the 14+ hour travel time (20+ hrs door to door) makes me want a portable amp to take along with me. I am East Asian so I don't really fit any profiles (except as...
  14. tjkurita

    Bill Frisell @ Village Vanguard this wknd?

    Anyone want to see Bill with his new Quintet at the Vanguard this weekend? I'm ready for any days that others what to go... John.
  15. tjkurita

    IC: NYC Mini-Meet.

    Thinking of putting together a mini-meet at my apt. in Queens. I live in Astoria, about a half-mile from the subway. This means that if anyone wants to bring gear, the best thing would be to organize some car action. I have a car and I can pick up. I have the following: Noise Outlaw Audio...
  16. tjkurita

    Teaser photo: Tubesville/Noise Audio "Duality" 300b SET amp.

    I am awaiting this amp... On the left, Audio. On the right, Power. 6sn7 driving 300B. Separate signal and power chassis. The chassis are sandwiches of solid copper. It is truly dual mono with two signal paths and two power paths. I really can't wait and I hope to bring it to the...
  17. tjkurita

    Gonna have my 300sei modified!

    I'm bringing my 300sei to Tubesville on Thurs. to have it worked over. It works great and I like it, but I'd like it to be all it can be so I made an appointment at Tubesville. He's going to look at it and make recommendations for modifications. Check out Tubesville and Noise Audio here...
  18. tjkurita

    Dropped a 300b tube about 8 inches, is it OK?

    One of my 300b tubes (shuguang) rolled off a low table (8 inches off the ground) and fell on a hardwood floor. There isn't any noticable internal or external damage. Can I use it? Should I order a new set (expensive)? I have an old set of WEs that I honestly don't like too much, but in a...
  19. tjkurita

    Help! I don't know what I am doing! (DAT, Digital tranfer to computer hard drive)

    OK. I have a DAT deck that I have not been using to its full potential, so I ordered a really great set of mics from, and I plan on getting a USB converter to send my DAT to the HD of my computer (from here: Finally, I plan to get a software package from...
  20. tjkurita

    Suggestions for good bookshelf speakers?

    I have a Cary SLP 98 tube preamp and Audio Electronic Supply AE 25 tube power amp. The speakers must have at least 90db sensitivity and be between 4-8 ohms. I'd like bookshelf speakers with great neutrality and tightness. Small floorstanding speakers might be OK too. I would not like to...
  21. tjkurita

    Does this device exist: preamp l/O to HP adaptor

    Does a device exist with which one could use the output of a preamp (in this case a Cary SLP 98P) to drive 'phones? That is, there are so many preamps with H/P outs (including Cary units) that sound great, and I'm wondering how to get the same results without messing with the guts of the...
  22. tjkurita

    Connecting surge protectors to surge protectors?

    I have searched, but I haven't found an answer on the boards, so I will have to post a new thread. If you have a high quality surge protector, can you plug in other, lesser surge protectors to it to increase the number of available outlets? Will this lessen the protection/noise suppression...
  23. tjkurita

    portable wav/mp3 player, or high quality pcdp (like d777)?

    This is my first post. This is a great forum!. I have a set of SR80s that I have been walking around town with. Needless to say, I can now really hear all the imperfections of my pcdp (sony d-e990). I am looking for a highly portable unit that has enough power to handle the Grados and good...