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  1. Tridacnid

    Help needed: Virtual Grounding, Hum, Distortion, and me throwing something out a window.

    Hey all. This isn't my first build, but I'm currently attempting the "Infinity Universal Preamp" for my bass guitar. And it ain't going too well. My building has always been a mess, but it works. So far, I've gotten audio to output, but it's incredibly distorted and there's a ton of hum. The hum...
  2. Tridacnid

    Quick Question Concerning Dual Rail PSU

    My next project is going to be the Infinity Universal Guitar Preamp for use with my bass. The designs call for a dual rail PSU that supplies +9 and -9 volts. See the 5th page of this: How come I can't just use a PSU that supplies +18...
  3. Tridacnid

    Neargh! Why won't it work?!

    Blah! Okay, just when I felt that my building skills were getting to be useful, I run into this. I'm building Doug Savitsky's "L'espressivo" somewhere between version 1 and version 2. On his site, he recommends upgrading the CCS if anything else is upgraded. Anyways, I've built the CCSs and...
  4. Tridacnid

    CS8414 big brother of CS8412?

    So is the CS8414 the slightly better chip? ie- the older brother of the CS8412? Also, are there phony chips floating around that I need to worry about? Thanks, Tridacnid
  5. Tridacnid

    PC help needed. Won't let me access Head-fi!

    Well, for about a week now, my home PC hasn't been letting me go to "Well how am I posting this?" You may ask. I am on a laptop, directly plugged into my wireless router because someone decided that flicking the WIFI on/off switch was fun, and broke the internal WIFI. Anyways...
  6. Tridacnid

    Who can wiggle their ears?

    So who can? Or maybe raise an eyebrow (less talented, but that's okay) or both. I can raise an eyebrow (my left) and wiggle my ears.
  7. Tridacnid

    Interesting Dilemma. For you cable buffs.

    So today I recieved my Grado SR325s, and I love them. Only complaint on opening then was that the rods were pretty darn loose. So I go and plug them into my headphone rig in my bedroom, and lo and behold, I hear everything, but it sounds like I'm sitting in the 25th row and the vocals aren't...
  8. Tridacnid

    Restoring Vintage Equipment

    When you restore something vintage, what needs to be replaced? Obviously, safety comes first (discharging caps, double checking specs, etc.). I was thinking capacitors, potentiometers (if any), and tubes. Do resistors degrade over time? Thanks, Tri
  9. Tridacnid

    Tube Readings?

    Help me understand tube testing. I'm looking at a pair of 6AK5s on ebay, and the seller doesn't specify whether they are matched or not, he just says "TEST RESULTS WHERE: 1850, 1800 AND MINIMUM READING IS 1300." What does this mean? Thanks, Tri
  10. Tridacnid

    Idiot Digital Cable Question

    If I use a normal RCA interconnect as a digital IC, will it behave the same way as a cable labeled "Digital" (coaxial)? Told you it was stupid. But thanks for helping, Tri
  11. Tridacnid

    You guys are going to shoot me...

    For another headphone suggestion thread. It's about time to upgrade, and have been reading reviews. My current phones are primarily my SR80s from my Little Dot MKIII. I have narrowed it down to the Grado 325i, AKG 6/701, Sennheiser HD600, and the Beyerdynamic DT880. Comfort is second to...
  12. Tridacnid

    Surge Protector

    I would like some help buying a surge protector for my coming Little Dot MKIII and Magnavox CD player (from the stoneage). I know absolutely nothing, so any help would be appreciated. I'm just looking for one in the 30-40 USD range. I did find this thread...
  13. Tridacnid

    Loking for Reviews

    Can someone give me a link or two to a review of the Little Dot Micro Tube amp? Thanks, Tri