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  1. seanwee

    iBasso DX160 (2020) vs Sony NW-ZX507 detailed comparison

    Ibasso DX160 (2020) vs Sony NW-ZX507 (V1) Comparisons were done with mango mode on the DX160 and direct source mode on the ZX507. Both using 4.4mm output and normalised to the same loudness. Starting off, tonality wise they are both neutral with a hint of warmth. Both have excellent...
  2. seanwee

    Need help identifying parts on a pcb

    Can anyone identify what are the parts on this DAP's PCB scan? Thanks Labelling the parts would be nice
  3. seanwee

    Best clear and detailed iem $100-200

    Hi guys its been a while since ive had to get new iems so i havent exactly been updated on new releases.But my CKR-9 has died and now im looking for a replacement pair that can hopefully surpass the CKR-9. I prefer a clean detailed sound and preferably a W-shaped signature. Essentially a...
  4. seanwee

    Listening as close as possible to the original recording

    Quick question: Wouldnt it defeat the purpose of getting as close as possible to the original recording if you use equipment better than what the studio engineer uses?
  5. seanwee

    Different Brands of O2

    Hey guys, I was going to get an O2 amp soon but I ran into a problem:There are different branks of O2 amplifiers.   The main one i have seen on head-fi is the JDS Labs model but there are Mayflower and Reverb branded ones too. Are there any differences between these amps?   Thanks
  6. seanwee

    How to make DIY strain reliefs for IEMS?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if it is possible to DIY cable strain reliefs for IEMs . And if it is, how?   THX
  7. seanwee

    ESS Sabre 9018Q2C DAC/AMP - High-quality audio for the masses?

    At CES 2015 in Las Vegas,ESS announced the arrival of a new SoC (System On Chip) that integrates an audio DAC and a built-in amp ,it has low power consumption and is specially designed for mobile devices such as smartphones ,tablets and portable music players .   The new Sabre 9018Q2C is a D/A...
  8. seanwee

    Need Help DIFFERENTIATING A NORMAL O2 and a O2+ODAC combo

    Hey guys i need some help differentiating a normal objective 2 and an objective 2 with the ODAC built in. Are there any differences visually?   Im asking this because I was offered $180 on a O2+ODAC combo but im unsure whether its just a regular O2 or a real O2+ODAC combo.   Pictures of...
  9. seanwee

    Best portable amp under 150 USD

    Hey guys , im looking for an amp for my fiio x1 as it cant drive my dad's new HD 600. Are there any good budget amps under 150 usd that can drive a HD 600 well and also my sensitive 12 ohm IEMS?   Hopefully there will also be a nice bump in SQ. THX
  10. seanwee

    How is a "warm sound" created in analogue components?

    Hey guys , as you all know at head fi , we often say how warm /bright an amp or DAC sounds but how is this warm sound "acquired"? What happened in the process of converting from digital to analogue and/or amping the analogue signal? I hope someone would be able to give a clear-ish answer. THX!!!
  11. seanwee

    How do drivers play so many frequencies simultaneously?

    Hey guys I just had this random thought while listening to an orchestral piece and I wondered " how the heck does one driver produce the violins , cymbals , piano , trumpets ,etc simultaneously? THX in advance !
  12. seanwee

    CD and Vinyl comparison

    Ive been looking around for a bit but cant seem to find a definitive comparison between CD and Vinyl.   for instance:                       CD          Vinyl Capacity(minutes)     :         80            .... Recording format      :         Digital     Analogue   and so on......     NO...
  13. seanwee

    FiiO e17k ,e18 ,q1 or Ibasso D-zero MKII?

    Hey guys I'm looking for a DAC/amp for my Samsung s4 . I want to get the best SQ for the price. Which DAC/amp would you guys recommend? A short comparison between any of these would be nice. Thx in advance!!!!
  14. seanwee

    Best budget amp under 150 USD

    I currently own the Bravo Audio Ocean Hybrid amp and i find its design to be sub-par. It gets extremely hot after just 20 minutes of use. It also leaks current, probably because of its ungrounded power supply.   The leaked current travels to my Both my FiiO X1 and my CKR-9s. This causes a...
  15. seanwee

    Fastest and most Detailed iems for less than $100

    As the title states , i would like to get some earphones that are the best at detail for no more than $ 100 . This would normally mean Balanced Armature IEMs but im open to suggestions.   Any recommendations?
  16. seanwee

    Sansa Fuze v2 Teardown

    Not sure if this is the place to post this but enjoy...... Got bored and decided to see whats inside the sansa fuze. Its quite easy by the way
  17. seanwee

    Portable dac/amp with best bang for buck.

    Hey guys Im looking for a dac/amp. I would get the FiiO E10K but it lacks a 3.5mm line in. Any other suggestions?
  18. seanwee

    suggestions for a budget DAC/Amp that sounds neutral

    Im looking for a budget amp that i can use with my iphone via 3.5mm jack but also be able to be used as a dac for my computer via usb cable. Are there any products like that? Budget is around $50-150. Any suggestions?
  19. seanwee

    FiiO X1 upgrade?

    I currently own a FiiO X1 and i am looking forward to upgrade to a better dap as i now have some money to spend.   Output is not a concern as i am using 12 ohm iems. Please state the price of the daps you guys recommend !!! THX!!!
  20. seanwee

    Sony DSEE-HX , ClearAudio any good ???

    Looking for a new DAP to replace my budget X1 and was looking at sony DAPs when i noticed that they have these "sound enhancing" features : ClearAudio+, Clear Bass, DSEE HX, Dynamic Normalizer, Equaliser (5 band), Surround Sound ........ etc.    Question is...... are they any good or do they...
  21. seanwee

    IEM specs?

    Got a new pair Iems , the CKR-9s and im currently burning in with pink noise and logarithmic sine.   I have always looked at the specifiations on the box without ever knowing what they meant........ Can someone Please explain what they mean to me?   Driver: Dynamic 13mm x 2   Output Sound...
  22. seanwee

    Audio Technica CKR-9 VS IM-02

    What are the differences between the CKR-9 and IM-02 in direct comparison?   Both have good reviews but what is the difference between the two in terms of build quality/durability , Detail ,Imaging ,Soundstage ,Drivability ........etc.   Can someone with both (hopefully) state the...
  23. seanwee

    Should I buy a portable amp for my FiiO X1 or just buy a better DAP ?

    Hey guys I'm stuck between buying a portable amplifier for my FiiO X1 or just straight away buying a better player. Which option will sound better? I'm looking for increased detail retrieval,soundstage ,instrument separation and basically a noticeable improvement from my X1. If possible please...
  24. seanwee

    Good movie soundtracks (no vocal tracks) in your opinion

    Please list and put in pics of your favourite movie soundtracks here!   My personal favourites are John Powell's How to train your dragon 1 and 2, Jurassic Park ,Jurassic World, Transformers 1 and Kung Fu Panda 2 Soundtrack.
  25. seanwee

    Looking for very detailed and analytical iems for around 100-125 dollars.

    Hey guys i have been looking at a few analytical and very detailed iems and the etymotic's er6i really caught my eye but sadly they have been discontinued. In your opinion ,are there any replacements for it for around 100-125 bucks?