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  1. teohouse88

    Best IEM for EDM music under 200-250 $

    I would open this thread helping me and other people listen to EDM music. It's very important the great bass without losing too much details in mids and trebles, the soundstage has to be good. Which are the best IEM to listen to EDM music at around 200-250$?   I was looking into about ...
  2. teohouse88

    Best Portable Amp+DAC for Laptop/iPhone under 200$

    Dear All, I'm about a newbie for the audiophile equipment and I'm searching the best PORTABLE configuration to apply to my Laptop and iPhone 5. Two weeks ago I bought a Fiio E17 that sounds very fine with my Laptop but it is not compatible with my iPhone 5 as portable amp. So I ask you to...