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    "Millett Hybrid" redux: NuHybrid headphone amp, using the Korg Nutube

    Thanks for pointing me in that direction, Desert Rat. Another question... I've noticed that for the voltage regulator, the primary part on the BOM, TI Instruments UA78M33CKCS, has an output current of 500 mA whereas the alternative part, Microchip MIC2940A-3.3WT, has an output current of 1.25...
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    DROP + THX Panda Announcement

    Would anybody who has already listened to the Panda be willing to speculate as to its potential basshead performance if onboard DSP is ultimately enabled / with some EQ work on the source? When I'm in the mood, I like the power and performance of the JVC HA-SZ2000 (coupled with good...
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    New Member Introductions thread

    Hi all, Finally decided to set up an account. I'm going to characterize myself as a semi-audiophile... Right now, I use the Sony XB950BT for the office, and at home use some Nuraphones or JVC SZ-2000's. Probably obvious that I am indifferent to perfect sound reproduction; I like that bass! I...