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  1. mshan

    HRT Music Streamer vs. Logitech Transporter or Lavry DA10?

    Just wondering how the stock output of the HRT Music Streamer stacks up against stock RCA output of my Logitech Transporter and Lavry DA10 i used to have in system.   Any insights would be greatly appreciated!
  2. mshan

    FYI: Verizon clearing out first generation iPads for $299 - $499

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  3. mshan

    Are these Electra-print or final revision transformers (pics of my Moth Si2A3 included)?

    I have put my Moth Si2A3 up for sale and have been asked if my unit has Electra-print transformers or final revision transformers.   I have absolutely no idea.   Can anyone tell from the internal photos below?      
  4. mshan

    Logitech Transporter: Any perceptible differences between FLAC and ALAC during playback (assume no read errors during rip)?

    I use iTunes with the Apple Lossless codec and error correction selected to rip all my cds. I have read that FLAC is supposed to be best for Logitech Transporter, and am wondering if there are perceptible sonic differences between ALAC and FLAC if there are no overt read errors during rip...
  5. mshan

    Logitech Transporter: Any changes (other than faceplate) since Slim Devices originally released it?

    Just wondering if Logitech ever updated / improved any of the actual hardware inside the Transporter since Slim Devices originally released the product in 2007? Also, are there any reports of manufacturing defects or failures in the field (if so, what specifically was problem?)?
  6. mshan

    Logitech Squeezebox Transporter vs. Lavry DA10: how do they compare?

    I currently use a Lavry DA10 as my main source (iMac -> Hagtech USB to AES/EBU adapter -> 25 ft. AES/EBU cable (pro audio style) -> Lavry DA10 -> Cardas XLR to RCA adapters. Just wondering how the stock analog output of the Logitech Transporter compares to the Lavry DA10 (XLR output using...
  7. mshan

    Is the digital output of an Apple TV bit perfect?

    And empirically, how does it sound vs. the Apple Airport Express and other high quality computer based digital outputs?
  8. mshan

    Internal HDD vs. USB / Firewire external Hard Drive: Any sonic differences?

    Anybody found any perceptible difference in sound quality (e.g. due to increased jitter) from using an external USB hard drive (specificially Western Digital 500 GB My Book USB edition) as a music library, vs. using an internal IDE/SATA hard drive for the same purpose?
  9. mshan

    How well does the 1 piece BestSkinsEver settle on the 1G Nano click wheel?

    My dad bought a 1G Nano, but really doesn't take good care of his equipment. I currently have a cheap Macally clear protective wrap on the Nano, but it doesn't stick too well. Thinking about the one piece BestSkinsEver skin, but am wondering how well the one piece shield will settle and...
  10. mshan

    How well does the 1 piece BestSkinsEver settle on the 1G Nano click wheel?

    Reposted in correct forum.
  11. mshan

    Budget LP cleaner: Audio Technica AT6012 or Discwasher D4+?

    I got my dad a truly entry level turntable (Audio-Technica AT-PL50) for Christmas. He has a decades old lp collection that was bought brand new, but never cleaned carefully (maybe diskwasher cleaner). He's no audiophile, so I don't want to spend a lot of money on a record cleaner (was...
  12. mshan

    Mac OS X: How can I move the "Movies" folder to an external hard drive?

    My dad's Core Duo iMac's internal hard drive is quickly filling up and I just added an external Fantom Titanium II 250 GB USB hard drive. I would like to use this drive exclusively for iMovie and iDVD files, but still want these files to show up correctly in the Media Library in iMovie / iDVD...
  13. mshan

    Does Audacity allow playback of LPs through my computer?

    I know Audacity will allow me to "rip" LPs to my computer via the line in input. If my dad just wants to listen to an lp through the computer, will Audacity allow playback without recording / ripping? And is there a simpler way to listen to lps through a computer (I want to keep output...
  14. mshan

    Please recommend an external hard drive (or enclosure) for Intel iMac

    My dad owns a 20 inch Core Duo iMac and it's 250 GB hard drive is filling up. I want to get him an external hard drive for use with iMovie. Can others recommend some good external hard drives or even bare enclosures for this purpose? I think Firewire is supposed to be better for...
  15. mshan

    Mac OS X: will any external hard drive enclosure spin up / down with "sleep"?

    My dad's Core Duo Intel iMac (Mac OS X "Tiger") is running out of hard drive space. Seems like the Mini Stack is the best solution, except that it's expensive. If I use a general enclosure (usb connection), will the enclosed hard drive spin up and spin down appropriately when the iMac is...
  16. mshan

    iTunes 7.0.2 released
  17. mshan

    Why am I getting garbled audio (iTunes 7 / RME Digi 98/6 PAD SPDIF)?

    I've got an RME Digi 96/8 PAD connected to a Scott Nixon Chibi Saru with a Blue Jeans coax cable. I just did a fresh install of Windows and downloaded iTunes I selected RME channel 1/2 and WAV out only in Quicktime preferences, but I am getting garbled sound (kinda like when the...
  18. mshan

    Why do people say the Benchmark DAC1 is "fatiguing"?

    From readings these forums and googling for the Lavry DA10, I've come across numerous coments that the Benchmark DAC1 is fatiguing? I've never heard the Benchmark, but from what I've read I don't get the impression that this dac is bright or coarse (slightly gritty or grainy, especially in...
  19. mshan

    iTunes 7: gapless playback and cover art for ripped cds

    iTunes 7 was released today ("It's Showtime") and now apparently includes gapless playback and cover art for ripped cds (as long as you have an iTunes account):
  20. mshan

    Parallels Desktop for Mac: $39.99AR at Shipping was estimated at around $7 and there is tax in some states. Still seems like a pretty good deal, though.
  21. mshan

    Is my Apple iMac keyboard dead? (spilled coffee on it)

    My dad's Intel Apple iMac has a wired keyboard. I spilled coffee on it yesterday morning and now many of the keys don't work. (I cleaned up the coffee with paper towels and turned the power off overnight. I did, however, turn the keyboard while it was still powered up to drain and such...
  22. mshan

    What do you guys think of the iPod Nano Tubes (black Nano)?

    I have applied a BestSkinsEver to my black iPod Nano, but feel it needs another layer of protection and a soft silicon skin seems like a good choice. Problem is the blue one I've currently got doesn't look good at all on my black Nano. The iPod nano tubes look nice, but I'm wondering how...
  23. mshan

    Koss KSC 75: $9.47 at Amazon with Pricegrabber review rebate is currently offerint the KSC-75 headphones for $14.47: If you complete a review for this product, you will be eligible for their $5 review bonus (click on $5 bonus link)...
  24. mshan

    Will a BestSkinEver protected iPod Nano fit in an Agent 18 case?

    I've got a black iPod Nano to which I am going to put a BestSkinsEver protective film. Just wondering whether this BestSkinsEver covered iPod Nano will still fit properly in a protective case such as the Agent 18 for Nano one? Also, is this Agent 18 case the best choice for additional...
  25. mshan

    Where do you get replacement foam pads for stock Ipod Nano earbuds?

    Just curious where others purchase replacement foam pads for the stock earbuds that ship with an Apple iPod Nano?