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  1. clee290

    Looking to get a pair of headphones for my sister's birthday

    Some criteria:   Budget: $100, could stretch to $150 Source: Laptop/iPhone, no amp Requirements for Isolation: Some to none, she uses her headphones mainly at home Preferred type of headphones: Full-sized headphones Preferred tonal balance: I think an overall balanced pair would be good...
  2. clee290

    Headphone Suggestions?

    Hi everyone,   So my friend wants to get a pair of headphones and his limit is $120. Any suggestions?
  3. clee290

    Good Over-the ear headphones for ~$150

    Hey everyone, so I am looking for a nice pair of over-the-ears for around $150. I listen to hiphop/rap/rnb/reggae/dancehall/a bit of techno/dance. Any suggestions?   I've been looking into the AKG K701's, though they are a little higher than my budget. Thanks for any suggestions!
  4. clee290

    Monster Turbine *COPPER Fake?

    I saw a pair of supposedly-new Monster Turbine Copper edition for around $150. How high are the chances that they are fake? I saw some other ones for a bit less, but from China. These are from the US so is there still a high chance that they are fake?
  5. clee290

    Good Headphones for me? :D

    Hi guys, I'm new to the site, so I'd like to say hello first Second, I'm not a big audiophile, but I'd like to get a nice looking pair of headphones with good quality (at least for a regular listener). Anyways, I was looking at Beats by Dre Solo editions, but those aren't out yet, I don't mind...