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  1. senny-ftw

    Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

    I thought I'd explain why I'm returning my Mojo and buying a Hugo.   While the Mojo can be fantastic with some music and the exceptional timing is pleasing and low fatigue, with IE800s I find this is spoilt by overly warm low-mids and elevated bass, making it frustratingly hit-and-miss...
  2. senny-ftw

    iPod Touch Sound Quality is quite bad.

    Quote: but the counter-sunk headphone jack is a beast to work with Er - yeah. NONE of my headphones or earphones except the supplied iBuds fit into the slot on my iPhone either, and the Cotton Dock doesn't work...
  3. senny-ftw

    Mac OS X Leopard impressions thread

    Quote: The dual-pane Finder replacement I'd recommend is Forklift: Interesting - looks good, and much better than Path Finder. Quote: I kind of like the regular Finder though Same here, especially with the new Preview feature in Leopard...
  4. senny-ftw

    October 2007 UK Meet Impressions Thread

    Did anyone who went to the Manchester meet NOT immediately order a Slee Solo when they got home? I just paid for mine but they seem to be extremely busy - not betting on delivery much before the end of the month. Bizzel - good to see you're following through on your conclusions from the meet
  5. senny-ftw

    Mac OS X Leopard Up-to-Date Program Questions???

    Quote: I've installed Leopard on six of my machines. Only six? What about the rest of them?! I installed Leopard yesterday with the default (upgrade) options. It takes about 60 seconds to go through the installation questions, then you can just leave your computer for an hour and...
  6. senny-ftw

    USB-Powered Portable Hard Drives - Recommendations

    x2 for the MyBooks. I have a Pro 500GB, an ES 400GB and I'm about to buy another - either the Pro 750GB or the Studio Edition 1TB. Well designed, quiet, no fan, attractive case, reliable and plenty of interface options in the range.
  7. senny-ftw

    Final Upgrade - Sound card suggestion

    USB sound card -> optical (toslink to toslink) -> Beresford TC-7510 MK6 -> RCA -> Little Dot MKIII -> Sennheiser HD595 Seems like far too many boxes for the easy-to-drive, forgiving, not very detailed HD595. When I had HD595s I used them as follows: - Laptop --> Total Bithead (via USB)...
  8. senny-ftw

    New to Mac.. Help me get started! :)

    Why don't you use iTunes to play FLAC?
  9. senny-ftw

    Have You "(Radiohead's) In Rainbows"?: Impressions thread

    Does anyone else have Jigsaw Falling Into Place on repeat at the moment? The background vocals are so enchanting; I love the rhythm and warm sound of the track. Really stood out on the album to me from the first day I heard it.
  10. senny-ftw

    October 2007 UK Meet Impressions Thread

    Quote: I had no idea that the headphone stand, designed and for use with the jecklin floats, had been employed for use with all of those other headphones. Some of them look a little stretched over it, eek. Me neither - but look on the bright side: now we've all got 10 megapixel...
  11. senny-ftw

    OFFICIAL: UK Meet - 27th October 2007 - Manchester

    Are you certain Days is fully booked? It said so online, but when I phoned the hotel itself (NOT the booking line) they had rooms available for Friday and Saturday...
  12. senny-ftw

    Post pics of your computer rigs here.

    More love for the Mac and HD650 My setup while at uni is also on head-fi here
  13. senny-ftw

    Which Sennheiser's for College??

    In college I went 555 --> 595 --> 600 --> 650. Save your money - just go straight to the top :P
  14. senny-ftw

    Senn's HD 595's arrived!!!!!!!!!

    These things are beautiful headphones and I could not believe how comfortable they are! Agreed! Incredibly comfortable - can keep them on all day. Don't be tempted to turn the volume up too much on bassy tracks, or whack bass up on the EQ at highish volumes. Myself and a friend have blown...
  15. senny-ftw

    Meier Corda Move details released

    koto-in - that would require me to take 650s off my head! I'll try in a min
  16. senny-ftw

    Upgrading from HD555s. I need help.

    good choice - I went 555 --> 595 --> 600 --> 650, which is a more expensive route to mecca
  17. senny-ftw

    Solid state-Leave it on at all times or turn it off?

    Naim, a brand obsessed by quality of power supply, specifically say you should keep their equipment on permanently. There was a claim that sound continues to improve after power-on for five days -- turn your Naim equipment off overnight, and it won't be at optimum sound till next week!
  18. senny-ftw

    Benefits of High Impedance Headphones??

    You are less likely to blow the phones with the high resistance. That is good enough for some. Indeed - between myself and a friend we went through 3 sets of HD595s in a month. We guess that the higher impedance of 600s and 650s have kept them safe for years
  19. senny-ftw

    Meier Corda Move details released

    Indeed http://www.meier-audio.homepage.t-on...howtoorder.htm
  20. senny-ftw

    Corda Move + 5 Pro

    I've used this combination but not under the correct setting so I don't want to comment on the sound. The amp has a low gain mode, switchable by jumper, which makes it more suitable for IEMs and other light loads. I can confirm that there's no hum or other noise.
  21. senny-ftw

    Best unamped headphones for ALL types of music?

    I thought they had good highs, good bass and were pretty forward - anything but boring here. Soundstage too flat, but you can't have everything at this price point. I really like the MS1s for value too, but surely nobody would recommend these as 'all-rounders'?
  22. senny-ftw

    So my Ety ER6 i died.....went into HMV and got...

    I've bought two iPods for myself and two for family, but I've never once used the iBuds...!
  23. senny-ftw

    E-MU 0404 USB problem

    Have you tried plugging into different USB ports? Possible ground issues.......
  24. senny-ftw

    K601 or HD600

    HD600 = high-calibre, genuinely audiophile quality headphones. Detachable cable allows for upgrades/replacements, extremely comfortable, well-built. You'll find livlier, brighter, more detailed cans but you'll soon get bored of the colouration. The HD600 IMO are a keep-for-ever set providing...
  25. senny-ftw

    Best unamped headphones for ALL types of music?

    HD555 - incredibly good value, good all round phone, don't need amp. I really enjoyed mine. They're about $120?