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    Beyerdynamic DT880 - Would you consider them Neutral?

    No I would not. The highs that the DT 880's have are definitely emphasized compared to other headphones. Instead of neutral, I'd call it a very revealing headphone. The HD 595's I have are noticeably less revealing (although not necessarily less forgiving) but more neutral than the DT 880's...
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    Meier Corda Move details released

    Quote: Originally Posted by Flasken Didn't you read skylab's comparison of 23 (number keeps rising) portable amps? He has pretty much all portable amps on that list, some alot more expensive than Move. Move is #1 in his list FOTM hard at work I'd say
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    Meier Corda Move details released

    sounds like the perfect match for my HD-595's ..
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    Mini Meet Maastricht June the 3rd 2007

    Quote: Originally Posted by thrillmetoo HD25-1 are really nice, though they seem to be getting mixed reviews. They sound mature and block out sound nicely. It’s a real pity I don’t really like supra-aural cans, though I use my PX200 on a regular basis.[/FONT][/SIZE] nice to see...
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    Quote: Originally Posted by EnOYiN Sure, the wood mod would cost you extra though. I'll buy you a beer, how about that? :P
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    Quote: Originally Posted by EnOYiN Let hope and pray that it won't be better than the Porta Corda MkIII USB, but I am fearing the worst. well if it is, you can always sell it to me
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    Mini Meet Maastricht June the 3rd 2007

    Thank you all for a wonderful meet! There were great people to meet, great headphones to try and lovely foodstuffs to eat
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    Good, durable, closed headphones?

    another popular choice would be the Sennheiser HD 25's. also very durable and isolating, but these smaller cans rest on your ears and you can swivel one cup away. these have a much stronger bass response (and general impact) than the HD 280's. the standard 70ohm model (25-1) has a steel cable...
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    just received a very weird pair of HD25's....

    you should try measuring the ohmage of this headphone. the cable is probably a 25-13 cable, and if the headphone measure at 600ohm, you bought a pair of 25-13's.
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    Senn HD-555

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ace o' Spades Thans for the prompt replies! I just found Headrooms excellent discout on the HD555 and that sealed it. One more question though... Are these headphones even suitable for rock? suitable yes, but not perfect. it's one of the things that...
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    HD595 "cold", "harsh", "odd bass"?

    listening to SOAD with my 595's right now, plenty of weight to the guitars, plenty of kick on the drums, plenty of attack on the snare, plenty of extention on the hihats. No complaints heter depending on the quality of the record, the cymbals/hihats can be a bit gritty though
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    Portable phones to replace my KSC-75s

    if you don't mind a somewhat bulky connector, you could always cut the broken plug off and solder a new one on
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    I'm taking my HF1 to work...and need advice

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zorander You don't go to the toilet? who says you can't have headphones on while you're on the can?
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    HD595 - I am seeing red!, 56K warning!

    ******* i'm officially jealous i wonder what it would take to make my 595's as pretty.. powder coat? spray paint?
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    Dudes, what is right for me?

    Quote: Originally Posted by elessar072 Should i just grab now a KSC-75 and when i get a job in the summer try to raise money for the HD595? i like the way you think you'll feel right at home here
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    What Music Makes Your Cans "Disappear"?

    I completely agree, I also think it largely depends on the recording. Heck, I've even had the 25-1's disappear from my head!
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    Headphones for a drummer...

    if the 25 SP's sound is anywhere close to the 25-1's sound, i guess they'd be perfect for your brother. nigh indestructable, heavy/punchy bass, very good isolation. I saw T. Raumschmiere not long ago, techno/rock band, the drummer had 25-1's
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    List 3 of your cans, but which will you never part with!

    My Sennheiser HD 25-1's, makes public transport feel like home
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    Have you ever dreamed about headphones?

    To my amazement, when I woke up this morning I realized that the last thing I was dreaming about was listening to one particular pair of headphones: the AKG K501's. I've never even seen these, but I remembered being astounded by the fact that I heard bass! Am I losing it? Should I lock my...
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    if you need durable, portable 'phones to bang your head with, get the Sennheiser HD25-1's. They're expensive and there are better sounding headphones for the price, but they're still the closed portables to beat IMO i'd commend you and give you a cookie if you manage to break them. they're...
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    PX100 Appreciation Thread!! Yeah Baby !!

    i'll chime in for my SO, she told me on several occasions that she really appreciates her PX100's soon my brethren, soon ....
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    A Question before I go for it: amped 555 vs 595 unamped

    Quote: Originally Posted by Hypernova Ordered. I hope this time my lossless collection will really shine. Yay Enjoy them, and don't ever come back here if you value your wallet/SO/life
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    A Question before I go for it: amped 555 vs 595 unamped

    Quote: Originally Posted by padi89 Witohut a doubt the HD595,if you get the HD555 you will just end up wondering to yourself if you should have got the HD595.Get the better can. I concur, when I had the 555's, I kept wondering what the 595's were like, and when I finally upgraded...
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    The Final Step

    Quote: Originally Posted by seanohue Ok, anymore input? yes, the 595's you mentioned don't necessarily have more bass than the 555's, but the bass is more refined and punchier. the highs are also somewhat more pronounced which will give you the impression that they're less bassy...