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  1. renyiandhan

    A new player is entering the fray - iHiFi960 (with unboxing pictures)

    comes with two digital-out but without digital-in, whereas LD DP_1 with one digital in and one digital out
  2. renyiandhan

    A new player is entering the fray - iHiFi960 (with unboxing pictures)

    looks interesting! some concerns: size: 110*70*26mm , a bit bigger than a Little Dot Dp1(115*60*22) the volume knob... not safe for portable usage battery, only 1200mah...
  3. renyiandhan

    Best DAP in the market

    Little Dot DP_I from China , about $400 , sound quality is reported on par with the Colorfly C4 or Hm801. 15hrs playtime(4000mah battery!), Dac: WM8740, Amp: Ad8397, Po: 250mw on 32ohm, Lo +Optical in/out. reported to support 128gb SDHC! How about this one...
  4. renyiandhan

    Cowon s9 vs creative zen x-fi2

    230 usd for a 64GB x-fi2?  Where could you find such a bargain?   hmm, as for me, maybe the x-fi2 is the best among recent players from Creative, including zen micro, Zen, zen mx, x-fi1.  But the sony x1000 is a little better in SQ. Why not just try it first?
  5. renyiandhan

    creative zen style & zen xfi style

      Quote:  Agree! In fact Jukebox 3 is on a totally different stage compared to any other portable mp3 players. The line out of it sounds something like a desk cd player.
  6. renyiandhan

    growing audiophile, keeping DAP or new?1

    Just keep your H140, it is much better than D2. The s:flo2 is good, but with many bugs.
  7. renyiandhan

    Sony A-847/Ipod Touch 64G vs Sony MZ-RH1/Onkyo MD 133

    A847 will be better if you like SQ of your RH1. By the way, some very old models such as Nomad Jukebox series, or Kenwood B9 are surely with close or even better SQ than MD of RH1 level.
  8. renyiandhan


    Quote: Originally Posted by average_joe Can someone show me a link to where I can buy a 32Gb microSD card? Thanks. A-DATA 32 GB SDHC Class 6 Flash Memory Card 32GSDHC6 (Blue): Electronics Cheapest?
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