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  1. senny-ftw

    Meier Corda Move details released

    I'm sorry if this is a repost, but I had a good search and didn't see anything... Details and pictures of Meier's new portable amp with USB DAC are now available on the Meier website - here. Quick lowdown: - All-aluminium casing (I'm British, so you get the UK spelling :P) - Bigger...
  2. senny-ftw

    Headphone recipe

    To celebrate my complete happiness tonight with what I'm listening to, here's a little recipe Note: not recommended to use in public. It's really a "portable" home/work/uni combination for easy transport. Start with Sennheiser HD600 Add HeadRoom Total Bithead, spice up with 4x AAA...
  3. senny-ftw

    WTB: Naim Headline

    Ah bother - wrong forum - really sorry. How do I remove a thread I've created?!!
  4. senny-ftw

    More power from a Total Bithead?

    Hi, I'm after more power from the Total Bithead to drive HD600s. Anyone tried modding?
  5. senny-ftw

    Bose or ??? - The Poll

    Here's the Poll for the Bose or ??? thread. Thread here:
  6. senny-ftw

    HD600 drivers vs 580, 590 - are they graded like CPUs?

    Hi, When sennheiser selects drivers, do they test them and put them in the relevant bins for the 580s, 590s and 600s like they do with CPUs? I saw on one post that they pay more attention to matching on 600s.
  7. senny-ftw

    They call him Ron - help from moderator please?

    Hi, [EDIT: please disregard - sorted - bought 600s from Harty ] Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this - thought it would be the most relevant. User "They Call Me Ron" posted an ad in the Headphones For Sale forum and I'm interested in one of his items. He says to PM as he...
  8. senny-ftw

    beyerdynamic DT770 different models explained?

    Hi, I'm interested in the DT770 as an alternative to the HD595 for trance goodness. I'm attracted to the DT770s because people who have HD650s and other $$$$$ headphones still keep hold of their DT770s. I'm confused though about the different versions. Pro, 80ohm, 250ohm, and others...