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  1. Meze Empyrean (gun metal)

    I'm selling an excellent condition Empyrean with gun metal finish. The cable is the balanced XLR with 3m. All the original accesories/box. Price: 1960€ Shipping within Europe is included in the price. Extra insurance and PayPal fee is on the buyer side.
  2. yugas

    Comment by 'yugas' on listing '[SOLD] Woo Audio WA8, mint conditions'

    Thanks for your comments mates. It's sad to let it go, but that's life. Hope it goes with a new owner soon, that will enjoy it for sure :)
  3. [SOLD] Woo Audio WA8, mint conditions

    [SOLD] (outside this forum)
  4. yugas

    Feedback by 'yugas' on listing 'Balanced Forza Audio Works Noir Hybrid HPC cable for HD800/S'

    Great headfier, very smooth transaction and superfast payment, would recommend him a 100%. A++
  5. Lotoo PAW6000

    (( SOLD )) I eat the PayPal fee
  6. Balanced Forza Audio Works Noir Hybrid HPC cable for HD800/S

    Hi, selling a like new conditions Forza Audio Works Noir Hybrid HPC for Sennheiser HD800/S headphones. Original box is included. Top of the line cable from this brand, with an amazing performance. Specs: - Plug: XLR 4 pin Furutech balanced. - 1.5 m long. Price: 200 € (shipping within Europe...
  7. yugas

    HIFIMAN Arya - Impressions Thread

    How are the Ayra from a good DAP like the Lotoo's?
  8. yugas

    Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

    Thanks mate, I think they're going to be on my collection quite soon.
  9. yugas

    Lotoo Paw 6000 (2019)

    I had the Lotoo Paw Gold as well, and it has a more "V" shaped sound signature, with a bit more recessed mids. On the other hand the PAW6000 I think it sounds more balanced and with better tonality, it goes just great with all kind of music. But maybe if you're a hip-hop/ dance music fan might...
  10. yugas

    Lotoo Paw 6000 (2019)

    I have my PAW6000 since around 3 months ago and I could not be happier, sound is around 85-90% the performance of the Touch, but literally at half the cost, so I think this offers a pretty good value. Using the 4.4 mm balanced output it's also noticeable the improvement in separation and...
  11. yugas

    Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

    Hi there, I was thinking about this a "side" headphone on my collection, but I don't like the recessed mids... Is the dip on this quite pronounced for vocal music (Gregory Porter) for example?
  12. yugas

    Biggest Disappointment Headphone

    For me, Hifiman HE-1000 V2, I much prefer my HD800S instead, and they are around half the price...
  13. yugas

    Grado PS2000e

    Very excited about this new Grado, I hope it has a more relaxed treble response in order to enjoy it with a large variety of sources. Anyway the price is quite high, and you have some crazy good competition on the market these days...
  14. yugas

    Introducing Lotoo PAW Gold

    It's the black one ;)
  15. yugas

    Introducing Lotoo PAW Gold

    If anyone is looking for  Dignis, I'm selling one on the forum.
  16. yugas

    Introducing Lotoo PAW Gold

    I have both and I think the LPG wins hands down, it has a much more natural sound to my ears.   Cheers
  17. yugas

    Introducing Lotoo PAW Gold

    Good advice! Thanks, I'm going to use it a lot...
  18. yugas

    Focal Utopia vs HD 800s

    I find the Utopia a little bit shaper on the low mids, where the HD800S puts a little of warm sound. Bass is so much tigher on the Utopias, no question, and I also think it can reach lower tones.   Is not that the Utopia sounds x3 o 4 times better than the HD800S, I think they sound different...
  19. yugas

    Introducing Lotoo PAW Gold

    I've been doing quite a lot of testing in that regard and to my ears it's on the same level as some quite good desktop DACs like the Yulong DA8 or the ADA1. Paw Gold's line out is just awesome, and I even use it a lot as a preamp, because you can select on the menu the option to control the...
  20. yugas

    Introducing Lotoo PAW Gold

    I think it looks almost like black on the photo due to the light
  21. yugas

    Introducing Lotoo PAW Gold

    Yes, it is the new Lotoo Paw version with "gun metal" buttons (menu and volume knob) instead of gold, otherwise the rest is the same.   I think that the Lotoo Paw Gold drives quite nice the HD800 in high gain for being a DAP, but with a bit more power like the new portable amp will have they...
  22. yugas

    Introducing Lotoo PAW Gold

    Hi, from what I know the Paw Gold is not discontinued, in fact there's a new colour buttons version wich I've been able to get (I think that it's one of the first ones). They don't have a huge stock like other companies, so they are producing in batch, to ensure the best quality.   Here's a...
  23. yugas

    Introducing Lotoo PAW Gold

    Yes, I feel the same, about after 25-30 min of warming it sounds a little better due to the class A amplifier inside, usually this type of amplifier likes a little minutes of playback until show the best performance, somewhere like tubes but in less time :)
  24. yugas

    Introducing Lotoo PAW Gold

    Awesome, even you can put your name. I have the red Dignis one and I'm very happy, but this looks like an almost identical alternative regarding the photos.
  25. yugas

    Sennheiser HD800S Unveiled!

    Hi, I registered my pair yesterday, how long did you wait until having it?  Thanks!