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  1. wolf18t

    Bulgin switches

    I'm checking what power switch I would use for my next project (maybe M3 + o11). I found stainless steel Bulgin pushbutton switches. They are very nice and some of them event include leds. Reference: 16mm Switches Question #1: OK that's a dummy one for most but I want to be certain...
  2. wolf18t

    PS-1000 anyone?

    Excepting Todd, Sanderman and Zanth, does anyone received his PS-1000? I would like to see some more review as I still hesitate to get the HF-2 or lay away my money a little longer and get the PS-1000. I've seen some quick negative reports about them from CanJam 2009 but they were, to my...
  3. wolf18t

    Ultimate rock headphones

    What would you consider the best "cost no object" punk/alternative/hard/progressive/classic rock headphones? 1. Grado RS-1 2. Grado GS-1000 3. Grado PS-1 4. Audio Technica ATH-L3000 5. Ultrasone Edition 9 6. Other, please specify
  4. wolf18t

    Fairly new here, need headphone recommendations

    This is my first post on this board, but I read it since a few weeks. In fact I read this board since I started the build my AMB beta 22 amplifer. Now that my amplifer is almost finished (only need a case) I began to listen to it with my old Sennheiser HD560 ovation and I think they need a well...