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  1. jodgey4

    Portable DAC/amp for ~$200

    Long time no see, Head-Fi, seems it's been a few years! Even when I was active I mostly kept up with desktop so here I am: Picked up a new (to me) laptop with a pretty garbage audio codec, figured a DAC/amp could make sense; something that can take USB in, and ideally OTG from my Note 9...
  2. jodgey4

    Best Headphone DAC w/ Monoprice M560

    You need a DAC/amp combo and not just a DAC.
  3. jodgey4

    Monoprice Monolith M1060 and M560 Planar Headphones

    How hard are the M1060s to drive? Easier than a K7XX or LCD-2?
  4. jodgey4

    Doubts about Amplifiers and Dacs.

    NFB-11.28 (current version) "5, Digital filter settings can selectable the different sound flavors for better suite different sound headphones and user's personal taste. 6, Addition a pair jumper pins to change the parameter of analog filter for select the sound neutral or warmer."
  5. jodgey4


    Find the best used one you can, IMO, the 250ohm isn't actually terribly hard to drive but more power will help.
  6. jodgey4

    Fidelio x2 defective?

    It's hard to know if the muffled sound is accurate or not - I found the X2s to be a bit veiled (though not as bad as the X1s). Imbalance suggests a greater issue, so I'd return them ASAP.
  7. jodgey4

    Thoughts on the AKG K712 vs other mid-fi headphones

    The HD600s will have a bit more natural sound than neutral - warmer mids, less low bass (like many speaker setups), and smoothed over treble. The K712 are more analytical and neutral/monitor like. The K712 would probably be my pick, but I already own and enjoy Q701s :P. HD650 vs K712 - that'd be...
  8. jodgey4

    IEM with Mic Compatibility

    Yes, that final R will just go to ground and you'll be fine :).
  9. jodgey4

    IEM upgrade help!!!

    What kind of sound signature would you like (or what do you want improved), and what is your budget?
  10. jodgey4

    Best Speakers with 3.5mm aux (potentially bluetooth) for $100

    Aux will get you much farther than bluetooth... maybe look for a used pair of speakers that has a 3.5mm connector. It's better to get a pair of 5"-6.5"-8" drivers and no sub than some of the "2.1" systems out there that are poorly designed IMO.
  11. jodgey4

    Fidelio x2 defective?

    What sounds wrong about them? Did you try different sources too? Is there anything that makes you think they could be fakes, and does the seller have good ratings?
  12. jodgey4

    Upgrade from HD598, mainly listen to classical

    The Massdrop version of the HHD650 is super affordable, and so is the K7XX they sell (versions of those cans and similar K/Q701/702/712 go on sale a good amount too). The HD650 is gorgeous though a bit warm.
  13. jodgey4

    Should i leave my Schiit Stack 2 on all the time?

    Wellllllll if you wanna get real technical, most Class A and AB amps like to run a little hot, and capacitors are often on their best behavior at operating temperatures - same with the crystal oscillators that control the timing in digital circuits. Leaving everything on is probably slightly...
  14. jodgey4

    Fiio X1 gen 2 or Hifiman HM700?

    The HM700 is probably worth like $120 alone (they only sell it in a bundle for like $180 including a pair of $50 headphones) so I'd probably roll with that one. They make good stuff, as does Fiio.
  15. jodgey4

    Need to replace Westone 3

    I can say that the Massdrop Noble X fits the bill, as might some of their other offerings. The 3-driver model of theirs is a very nice v-shaped headphones with the characteristics you describe, though the treble is a bit above average which might be bothersome.
  16. jodgey4

    Need help repairing my old headset

    It's possible you just wired it wrong, double check your connections maybe? A picture would help.
  17. jodgey4

    Audio-GD HE Series: HE-9, HE-7, HE-1, HE-350

    With the amount of distortion on the R2R board, it wouldn't make much sense to go so far overkill on other stages of the DAC. Perhaps there will be an upper offering with more R2R boards in parallel, but we'll see.
  18. jodgey4

    Is Sabre ES9018 the best DAC chip right now?

    If you're driving your headphones directly out of the unit, get the nicer one with the dedicated headphone amp circuit IMO.
  19. jodgey4

    Massdrop x Noble X Universal IEMs Review / Preview

    Got my pair in today, these are *very* much initial impressions. The included cable has a dead right side :O - though knowing the Noble team and Massdrop that'll be fixed beautifully - so no worries, things happen! I'm using my old Heir Audio cable for now. My normal cans are the 2014...
  20. jodgey4

    The Hardest hitting Headphones are.. ( "The EXTREME BASS Club")

    What's the best bang for your buck at $200 for a friend? SZ1000 + used E12? Figured I'd double check here, been real busy or I'd go read more through the thread :O
  21. jodgey4

    Desktop DAC/AMP combo for Desktop under 200$

    USB power from your phone is nice because a battery puts out DC - whereas a wallwart has to convert it. It really just depends on the DAC/amp as to how good the PSU is, I wouldn't worry too much about these things though it's good to be aware. Unless you have really noisy AC in your building, a...
  22. jodgey4

    Audio-gd NFB-28

    Oh, my mistake. The Master 7 would be the AGD balanced R2R DAC. You could even consider the fully discrete Singularity version (the SE seems to have a S/N below what I'd like to see). The delta-sigma products from AGD are no joke. My 2014 NFB-28 is an amazing DAC/pre.
  23. jodgey4

    Audio-gd NFB-28

    After the 2014 version, @Kingwa added more shielding between the DAC and amp to help with noise issues. I complained on my 2014 version with regards to noise issues, and in '15 more shielding was added (so I like to pretend I'm important and had something to do with that :P). The 2014 model...