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  1. fishski13

    unable to open file for Foobar2000

    i'm trying to open/unpack the download so that i can get a .dll file to place in the "components" folder. the .zip file just wants to open in foobar with an error.
  2. fishski13

    i forgot to order a couple of caps

    can some friendly DIYer help me out? i forgot to order a couple of multilayer ceramic capacitor C0G/NP0 33pF 100V. i need 2 for my y-1/y-2 build and would rather not pay $8 for shipping for components that cost less than $0.50. i can Paypal the $. please PM me. THANKS!!!
  3. fishski13

    Alpha Rotary Switch - SA on the cheap?

    anyone ever try an Alpha rotary switch? SR2921F-0112-19R0B-E9-S-W Alpha (Taiwan) Rotary Switches Vishay CMF50 resistors are nice and small. building a shunt SA requires a bit more space vs. series and ladder. should i take a punt at this? it's only 12 pos. though. i'm still trying to find...
  4. fishski13

    clamping force DT770 and DT150

    i have a friend with a big head that's looking for a pair of closed HPs. his main cans are the uber comfy K601. my DT990 and K271 mkii are comfortable enough for him, but i'm wondering how the DT770 and DT150 clamp and over-all comfort in comparison to the K271 and DT990? thanks!
  5. fishski13

    Beyer DT-770 "Consumer" vs. "Premium"

    ...any difference. i'm basically looking for a closed headphone with less bass quantity than my dt990/600 and easier to drive. Moon Audio has the dt770 "Premium" 250ohm version - is this the same as the "Consumer" edition? are they brighter than the dt880-250 ohm? thanks!
  6. fishski13

    Hammond Toroids

    does anybody have experience with these? their EIs are obviously popular, but i can't find much info about their toroids.
  7. fishski13

    J. River and 'puters for dummies

    i couldn't get ASIO or WASAPI drivers to work in Foobar with Vista. i was also getting frequent drop-outs. i still may monkey around with it a bit, but J. River software is a no-brainer with my sub-standard 'puting skillz. ASIO or WASAPI with Media Center or Jukebox (ASIO only) is easy enough...
  8. fishski13

    need help re-terminating K701 balanced

    i am unable to open up the outer center grill on the earcup housing to take a peek at the wires - they're secured really, really tight. i read this thread already: after cutting off the TRS plug, i can confirm that: L+ = yellow R+ =...
  9. fishski13

    How to get more bass from your K701

    i've been DIYing some cabling these days and have found a wonderful and cheap IC cable that has really brought out the bass in my K701: Oyaide PA-02 at $6/ft. it sounds really "fleshy" and colorful, and is balanced from top to bottom - no boom or tizz. warm and detailed, but never dull or slow...
  10. fishski13

    Need tech. assistance streaming audio files

    ok, i bought a new Dell with Vista last autumn and have been having some trip ups and would appreciate the services of the more computer literate. i can no longer listen to samples of music from i was able to initially, but now am unable to for some unknown reason and keep...
  11. fishski13

    delete this thread

    i just pulled the trigger on a Cayin and will only be using it as a headphone amp. i would like to roll some better tubes, but i am wondering if all the tubes are used to power the headphone amp. i'd rather not spend extra money to upgrade tubes that will have no sonic impact for headphone...
  12. fishski13

    Surge Protector for Computer

    hi, i've said good-bye to hand-me-down computers and Windows 98 - i purchased a Dell that should be here in a couple of weeks and would like to protect my investment with a surge protector/conditioner. nothing fancy, <$100. any recommendations? Thanks! PACE
  13. fishski13

    Surge Protector for My New Computer

    thread moved to Tweaks.
  14. fishski13

    Review: Ultrasone Proline 2500 w/Silver Dragon V2

    With all of the attention that Ultrasones have been getting here lately i thought that maybe some of you would be interested in a little review about the Silver Dragon headphone cable from Moon Audio and how it compares to the stock cable. But before i start, we have some housecleaning to do...
  15. fishski13

    DT880 - which version to get?

    yes, i used the search function, but it gave me no love. so to all the all-knowing at head-fi: i'm looking for conclusive opinions (if there are any) about the sonic differences between the 250 and 600 ohm versions. auditioning is impossible. links to other threads would be helpful as...
  16. fishski13

    upgrading from sr225

    ladies and gentlemen, i am looking to upgrade from my Grado sr225 for around $500. my kit is in the signature. since i live in a hi-fi wasteland, your sage advice is needed. i'm looking for: 1. more detail, specifically some extra sparkle and tonal color - refreshing like a good mojito or...
  17. fishski13

    Naim-head needs advice

    howdy, big time noob here - my first post. i have an all Naim hi-fi sans cans. i wish to spend approx. $500 on both amp and cans. i cannot afford a Headline2 + PSU at this time and they rarely show up s/h. i am looking for a combo that will jive with my Naim with respects to respecting the...