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  1. gangnamstyle

    Buy a nice headphone amp or continue saving up?

    Hi all,   I have the Fidelio X2s and a FiiO E10k. I was wondering if anybody could give me some advice. Should I buy an amp (looking at the JDSLabs O2 or the Schiit Magni 2) or continue saving up for a better headphone? Will the amps I just listed provide a noticeable upgrade? Thanks for any...
  2. gangnamstyle

    Seriously considering the K7XX.

    Hi HeadFi!   I'm about to buy the K7xx. I will be using it for popular pop music (Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift) and Hip Hop (J Cole, Mac Miller, etc.) Is this a good choice? I am also thinking of getting the Topping NX1 to power them. I already have the FiiO E6.  Thanks for any advice!!
  3. gangnamstyle

    Hi, Interested in getting some "fun" sounding headphones for rap and pop

    Hi HeadFi   I'm interested in spending <250 but willing to go up to 300 USD if it makes a big difference. I'm looking for "fun" clear and detailed sound. I really don't care whether they are open or closed. I have a big head... the source will be a stock iPhone 6, but if required I have a FiiO...
  4. gangnamstyle


    Hi guys! It's been a few months with me being on the forums reading all the posts but not registering an account. So I decided on registering and asking a few questions about my Image S4's.   First of all, I'd like to start with a statement. I know there are probably many threads on...