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  3. bowraboy

    Alessandro Music Series MS PRO FAN CLUB!

    The Pros are the MS-1 on steroids. They just do everything the MS-1 does but much better, more detail, soundstage, separation, dynamics...
  4. bowraboy

    MS-2 (MS-2i) appreciation thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by tdogzthmn I dont like cans with harsh sounding highs like my DT770. Don't get the MS-2 then.
  5. bowraboy

    Alessandro Music Series One "2009 improved version" question

    Quote: Originally Posted by kmhaynes Since the MS1 is based on the SR80, then the improvements found on the SR80i will be found (and maybe improved some more) in the improved MS1. It's not.
  6. bowraboy

    best $200 upgrade for my grado setup

    Quote: Originally Posted by skeptic Start with the phones, and then look at amp and DAC upgrades (or USB DAC/amp combos) later on when you've got the room in your budget. I think that's the best advice you're going to get here.
  7. bowraboy

    best $200 upgrade for my grado setup

    A good soundcard with a decent amp.
  8. bowraboy

    Soundtrack to Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

    'The Proposition' is also an excellent soundtrack album by Nick and Warren.
  9. bowraboy

    The most popular headphones on Head-Fi (Post all your Headphones)

    Alessandro MS-Pro Beyerdynamic DT531 Beyerdynamic DT250/80 Etymotic ER-4P Koss KSC75 Koss KSC35 x 2
  10. bowraboy

    Musical Information Above 13 Khz?

    Quote: Originally Posted by donunus Gives me goosebumps to hear cymbals sounding right Just because you can.
  11. bowraboy

    Hate to open the Beresford can of worms, but...

    Quote: Originally Posted by StanleyB1 But the time seems right to remove the shackles and unleash an unrestricted version as an alternative choice next to the classic 7510. When you do release the new version will the classic 7510 have an improved DAC section or will it be the...
  12. bowraboy

    My Corda 2Move arrived today! :P

    Quote: Originally Posted by nsx_23 Anyone know the battery life difference between low and high gain? It shouldn't make any difference.
  13. bowraboy

    Review: Beyerdynamic DT880 03' w/ comparison to my beloved AD700's.

    fraserboy, Have you tried the AD900? They would be, to me, the obvious step if you like the AD700. Great sounding headphone and easily driven.
  14. bowraboy

    Small case to hold an IPOD + 2MOVE?

    This works well with my Touch and Headsix. Click for full size - Uploaded with plasq's Skitch
  15. bowraboy

    Please recommend me best full sized headphones for home use with Ipod

    Alessandro MS-Pro sounds fantastic out of an iPod and so much better with a good amp and source
  16. bowraboy

    Amps to pair with Grados

    I have a MAD EAR+ HD and a Talisman T-3H that I have been using with the Alessandro MS-Pro. They both sound good but I prefer the Talisman to the MAD. The Talisman is a great amp with lots of power, drives my K701 beautifully. I find the problem with tube amps is that I end up spending heaps...
  17. bowraboy


    So something as small as an electron (which is a sub-atomic particle AFAIK) can make an audible difference, which would affect the sound more than the much bigger things floating around in the air between the headphones and your eardrum seems highly unlikely to me.
  18. bowraboy

    For those thinking about getting an IPOD LOD cable and already own a mini to mini

    I bought one too and use a right angle plug, I don't think it would stick out any further than a cabled dock would.
  19. bowraboy

    Vote for your favorite Blues Legend?

    John Lee Hooker
  20. bowraboy

    Normalising Lossless Files/Apple Lossless?

    Quote: Originally Posted by carlosgp The new iVolume is fast and works very well, but it has some usability issues that need to be solved. For example, the program checks all the files every time you press the "start" button, searching if they are leveled already. If you have a big...
  21. bowraboy

    Normalising Lossless Files/Apple Lossless?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Oliver :) Do so. I have not tested the new 3.0 yet, but I'll have a look to see whether it is worth for me to upgrade from 2.x. It is a very handy app for OS X and gives great results—much better than the "quick & dirty" approach built into iTunes that used...
  22. bowraboy

    Won't ship to Australia?

    I was thinking that you could always shop at Headphonic. I didn't realise there was such a difference between our dollars.
  23. bowraboy

    Won't ship to Australia?

    Quote: Originally Posted by fraseyboy HD650's are bordering on $1000 brand new here, as are the K701's. Really? K701. HD650.
  24. bowraboy

    Question about Beyerdynamic dt250 (and Sony 7506) , advice needed

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kabeer I have the 80ohm version and have never heard the 250ohm (though some people say it sounds a tad better, with good amp of course). Overall its a wonderful headphone, i wouldnt say its perfectly flat. But fairly close. It doesnt extend to the...