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  1. NikZ

    Going from X-fi xtreme music to Prelude. Worth it?

    In term of sound quality, is it a noticeable improvement?
  2. NikZ

    ~225$ tube amp for HD595

    I'm thinking about getting a tube amp for my HD595. I'll be using it with my X-fi. My HD595 is the 50 ohms version. Please recommend me a good tube amp around 225$. Thank you
  3. NikZ

    I own HD595s,pmx100s and Considering MS1s .

    Right now I have HD595s and pmx100 and want to try Grado's. The question is will I experience something different from Sennheiser if I buy Alessandro MS1s? or should I save up and aim for the higher ones like SR225 or MS2i?