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  1. mcegan

    Replacement dac + amp for xonar essence stx with similar quality: possible?

    Back again with my noob questions..I started a new job and quite frankly it sucks not being able to use they very amazing essence during the day. I was thinking of maybe reselling it and getting a usb capable dac and amp to take back and forth to work/home. At work I use a stationary laptop with...
  2. mcegan

    Is optical that much better?

    I have a Xonar essence and I love the hell out of it for music, but one thing that irks me about it is no SPDIF input, only output. I regularly play games on my Xbox360, but I'm using the line input on it right now. If I set it to HiFi mode, this is still pretty good...I get all the little...
  3. mcegan

    Need headphone advice

    So I bought the HD555 recently (about a week ago) and I'm pretty impressed with it. It's my first non crap Walmart headphones so they are definitely a step up. My only problem with them is there seems to be a severe lack of bass, or more accurately the sound seems somewhat flat in a way. Kind of...