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  1. SundaSinner

    Which amp best suits my needs?

    Thank you for your help Sionghchan.I just ordered the Corda Aria from todd the vinyl junkie.Iresearched the 3 amps you posted and believe this is the one for me.I will let you know what I think of it after I recieve and try it out. Thanks
  2. SundaSinner

    Corda Aria?

    Does anyone know where I can buy A Corda Aria?I called todd vinyl junkie hes out of them right now.If anyone knows of a place that may have them in stock it would be appreciated. Thanks all
  3. SundaSinner

    Which amp best suits my needs?

    Hi all i'm new here and would like to say hi first.I just bought a pair of AKG k701 headphones.Right now I have them hooked up to a presonus hp4 amp.My main inerest is gaming,pc and xbox 360.I am new to high end audio and am looking to get the best sound I can from my headphones.I am looking at...
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