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  1. RubenNYC

    DAPReview: TrekStor vibez flash up to 32 GB MP3 Player News and Reviews: News / Comments / Trekstor Vibez Aspires for Flash Stardom - up to 32 GB x 32
  2. RubenNYC

    TrekStor vibez 16 GB flash on the way (maybe)

    So, it seems TrekStor has somewhat come to their senses and are now promising a 16 GB version of the upcoming flash based vibez. Long story short: obarriel, a Riovolution regular from Spain found mention of a 16 GB flash vibez on a German online DAP retailer. I emailed TrekStor support who...
  3. RubenNYC

    Looks like the new Creative Zen is gapless!

    Found out about this on Here's the original thread on their sister site epiZENter: Quote: I was just listening to Dark Side of the Moon, and the song transition was seamless. I replayed the transition a couple times...
  4. RubenNYC

    Does Clix2 support Ogg Vorbis tags?

    Quick question. A friend of mine recently got the Clix2, and I was helping him figure out how some of the features work. Also thought I'd try a quick SQ and gaplessness comparison with some sample Ogg tracks. First problem, I couldn't transfer the Ogg tracks in MTP mode so I switched it to...
  5. RubenNYC

    TrekStor vibez going flash.

    Just though some folks here might be interested. A week ago I noticed Trekstor added an "Introduction" tab to their vibez product page which stated the following: Quote: Whether jogging or skiing: the built-in flash memory is not affected by shakes or jolts. The high-contrast...
  6. RubenNYC

    Hey cn11, How's your m3u playlisting on the Vibez?

    Quote: Originally Posted by RubenNYC Quick update: I created an m3u playlist using Foobar, copied it over to the Vibez in UMS mode, and was able to play it no problem on the vibez, with no duplication of content. On my 'puter I have all my tunes in a "My Music" folder below "My...