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  1. Zadok

    Streamz reveals android-based Smart headphones

    Has anyone heard any more about these headphones? There seems to be many people on the development team with hifi experience, and many of the features of the headphones sound very interesting and useful for someone who wants high quality audio. I for one look forward to hearing reviews and...
  2. Zadok

    Having trouble removing the headband of my HD580's (Picture Included)

    The drivers are now so old that they can hardly be used. I ordered HD 650 drivers, but I need to be able to remove the headband to attach the new assembly. Does anyone know how to do this? I don't want to break them. Picture included to show problem area.
  3. Zadok

    Potential interest in another FL meet?

    I should first note that I don't necessarily mean really soon since there was just a FL meet Nov. 15. I know a few people (including me) really wanted to go to it, but couldn't quite make it out. This is an interest check for any of those people who missed out and anyone else who would like...
  4. Zadok

    Do you ever just get in the mood to...

    This thread goes hand in hand with the headphone sightings thread, however it takes the opposite perspective. Do you ever just get in the mood to take one of your *good* pairs out on the street with you, just to see if anyone will notice or recognize them? I get this itch often...I'll...
  5. Zadok

    Anyone experienced with Moon Audio cables?

    I read the full descriptions of all three of the silver, blue, and black dragon cables and am having difficulty truly understanding the differences between them. I wish I had the availability to test them out myself, and I might get that chance when I go home to NC this christmas season. MA...
  6. Zadok

    Having trouble sifting through the Zero thread

    Before someone spits a link of the search function in this post, I'd like it to be noted that sifting through an 800 page thread is difficult already even WITH the search function. That being said...I'm interested in finding out the value of a DAC/Amp combo device's utility when compared to...
  7. Zadok

    A general statement and quick question about some new phones in the mail

    I just want to start off by stating my gratitude that there is a forum like this one on the internet where I can actually listen and understand the opinions of virtually every post (Sometimes the gear gets confusing ) With so many crap boards out there with trolls and flame artists, it's...
  8. Zadok

    What sonic texture is Genelec known for?

    Someone in my family has amassed quite a set of Genelec speakers, and I will have the privilege of listening to them sometime in the near future. I was wondering what I should expect from them? I'll update the post when I know which models exactly.