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  1. ups767300

    how did you ship your ear impressions?

    hi, I recently shipped my ear impressions by putting the small box they were given to me in into another slightly bigger box. The box given to me by the audiologist had a soft piece of foam inside it to restrict the movement of the ear impressions but they could still move a tiny bit if I shook...
  2. ups767300

    upgrading from triple fi 10 pro to ue10 or ue11

    hey, hey guys I have been on the verge on pulling the trigger on a set of ue-10s or ue-11s. I currently have the triple fi 10 pros and enjoy them greatly but I find that I really enjoy them with about a 3db boost from 20hz-80hz. From what I have gathered upgrading to the ue-10s would get me...
  3. ups767300

    shure e4cs worth amplifying?

    Hey, I just purchased a total bithead because I was tired of the sound quality of my laptop. (macbook) I have Shure E4cs and was wondering if these were worth amplifying, will they benefit at all from an amp? I figure the higher quality dac would make a difference atleast. I Hope its not like I...