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    Help needed: Virtual Grounding, Hum, Distortion, and me throwing something out a window.

    Okay, rebuilt the entire thing from the ground up. But I killed the 68nF cap in Figure 3. Replaced it with a spare 47nF I had laying around (closest thing I had) and the circuit didn't work at all. Finally figured out that Figure 3 was giving me the trouble. Replaced the cap with a 30uF cap...
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    Help needed: Virtual Grounding, Hum, Distortion, and me throwing something out a window.

    Hey all. This isn't my first build, but I'm currently attempting the "Infinity Universal Preamp" for my bass guitar. And it ain't going too well. My building has always been a mess, but it works. So far, I've gotten audio to output, but it's incredibly distorted and there's a ton of hum. The hum...
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    Tube Life Question

    But you can usually tell when one is on its way out. Distortion and channel imbalance are two good indicators that a tube is dying.
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    RA1 clone what have I got wrong??

    Quote: Originally Posted by rds I thought the RA-1 uses Solens... I think it did. Maybe he just wanted different caps. Solens don't seem to get the best rap in capacitor reviews.
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    Stacker II- Progress? Availability?

    Last time I checked out the project's thread, it sounded like the beta builds were blowing transistors or something.
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    Quick Question Concerning Dual Rail PSU

    Thanks for the link. It looks like that's exactly what I need.
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    Quick Question Concerning Dual Rail PSU

    Oh. Oops. When you say crude, does that imply a bad design, or a non-optimal, yet still on par, way of doing it? But what's the opamp doing, then? And why can't I just bypass this all with a +18V regulated power supply? Isn't that what this is doing?
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    Quick Question Concerning Dual Rail PSU

    My next project is going to be the Infinity Universal Guitar Preamp for use with my bass. The designs call for a dual rail PSU that supplies +9 and -9 volts. See the 5th page of this: How come I can't just use a PSU that supplies +18...
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    How long do tubes last?

    Expect them to last a while, but plan on having a spare. That's what I do. Just like transistors, tubes can and do have failures. Fortunately, it is much easier to replace a bad tube than a bad transistor.
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    A different direction...guitar "head-head" amp?

    Check out this project. Could probably be easily modified to have two outputs, one in stereo for headphones, and one in mono for a power amp input. Infinity: an universal guitar preamplifier!
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    Kansas City Area.... and Surrounding, Sept. 13th at Primus Audio

    Hmmm, I live in the STL area. This is a little far for me to drive (4 hours), but if the timing works out, I may be in the area. I'll keep checking to stay up to date, but don't count on me being there.
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    Alice in Chains - New single

    WHAT!??!?!?! I must be living under a rock! It's good to hear that AIC will be putting out a new album.
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    help - noise occurs in certain vocal passages

    Ever consider that the noise is actually part of the recording? Perhaps the microphone distorted a little when she sang louder.
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    Little Dot series help.

    DIFFERENCE: 1+ vs. MKI+. 1+ is a desktop amp that uses a hybrid design. MKI+ is a totally solid state portable amp.
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    Settlers of Catan

    It's almost as awesome as D&D, but doesn't need a bunch of people who are crazy to play it.
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    Band Name Game!

    Quote: Originally Posted by chews89 Abbey Lincoln Nightwish
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    whats your favorite song

    I prefer full albums. Or a group of songs on an album.
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    That would be a 1/4 inch plug. Most high end equipment use them. I'm pretty sure Grado sells an adapter that goes from 3.5mm to 1/4".
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    Jethro Tull - Aqualung

    Go listen to "Songs From the Woods." Velvet Green is better, IMO.
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    Who here is a high school audiophile?

    I am. Going into my Junior year. See my sig for what I have.
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    Ok W T F

    Oh. Well, it may be a better amp than anything you have now. More power available would help bring out details.
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    Ok W T F

    And the bass is still a live instrument: No equipment is between you and the signal. No compression, no file size, no bitrate, no nothin'.
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    LD MK III scratch noise

    No problem! Enjoy the sound!
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    Does the transport really matters?

    Nope. It streams audio from your computer over a wireless network. A power filter is something that filters out the "dirty" (depends on where you live and how old your home is) electricity that comes through your outlets.
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    Broken Grado 125i headphones voice coil? Fix - Help

    Check for tears or cracks in the diaphragm.