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  1. diodiel

    best bang for the buck DAC 100-300$

    Hi im looking for a source to pair with my Vintage SX-626 reciever and polk audio 8ts. cuz right now im only using my pc soundcard, just wanted to upgrade :) ill be using the dac for music & movies.  thanks!!  
  2. diodiel

    hi need a portable usb dac/amp bit perfect or udac2?

    hi sorry for this post but im jut wondering if the hotaudio bitperfect would be on par against the udac2? thanks!
  3. diodiel

    Upgrading my HD25-1 ii amp/cable?

    hello there people! just wondering how i can maximize the potential of my hd25-1 ii?   im aiming for better sq and wide soundstage..   are their any special headphone amp for it? portable or non-portable? and yea lastly im just wondering about the most best for the buck and where to...
  4. diodiel

    Confused about KingRex UD-01 DAC

    hello there! i got attracted to that DAC. but on kingrex's site, there are so many things... like t20,psu,batt slap, preamp. and so on...   is it necessary to get them to make the UD-01 DAC sound its best?? because im going to be using it with my Desktop's digital output and a receiver...
  5. diodiel

    Neutral+Clarity or Fun+Colorful DAC??

    hello there! im just wondering if anyone can give popular/good dacs or amp/dac that falls under clear/neutral and colorful/fun! and which one would you prefer? ^_^ i hope someone replies thanks!!! because im planning to upgrade from a uDac2.. not quite happy with it maybe cuz its too...
  6. diodiel

    A/V receivers with the best DACs?

        im just wondering if there actually good receivers with good DACs..   my main source is a deskto.   i recently got a nuforce udac2, just wondering if its actually better to just use "pc-digi out--> av receiver coax input" than "pc-usb-->udac2-->receiver analog in"   i hope...
  7. diodiel

    which subwoofer should i get?

    Hey im about to buy a sub "used" on craigslist and i found 3 of them.. i dont know which one to get.. im not really good at what are good brands when it comes to subs.. so yea here i go:   Velodyne CT-80 Yamaha YST-SW216B...
  8. diodiel

    FA-003 vs ATH-AD900 vs SRH940

    hello head-fiers! i just need opinions on which one to buy, im just confused between these 3..   if any1 have had them or tried them which one do you think is the best bet to get?   thanks! not really sure what sounds they specializes in   and any pros/cons?
  9. diodiel

    Best Headphones <250$ as of now?

    -im just looking for best opinions! anything will be appreciated =).       -well whats the best headphones for <250$.   -and if there is a too good to be passed headphon for you, it can be more than 250 in that case =)
  10. diodiel

    Broken Headphone,need help! its not the jack cables shure srh750dj

    i just received a broken SRH750dj have anyone experience a broken wires inside the headband "maybe because of too much adjusting of people... you know how to fix this? thanks a lot!   i gonna try to return it but yea... cuz onetime i adjusted it and it worked but after i moved it stopped...
  11. diodiel

    Comparing fiio e7 and trends ud-10.1

    Hey there everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone is familiar with trends ud10.1 Sorry I'm new at these thing and what does it do? How is it compare to fiio e7? Thanks