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  1. Jasp3r

    Triple Flangle eartips for JVC HA-FX101 in Europe?

    After reading some threads I recently bought the JVC HA-FX101, but they haven't shipped yet as I had to get them from the UK (they aren't sold in the Netherlands). As I also read that deep insertion eartips provide more bass, I was looking for triple flange eartips but don't exactly know which...
  2. Jasp3r

    Lookin for headphones with a Bass emphasis with a budget of $100

      Hello everyone,   My current headphones is actually a gaming headset (Steelseries Siberia V2) and the sound is not so great. So I decided to buy a new headphone but I'm really stuck on what headphones to pick. I listen to dubstep and hardstyle, so bass is pretty important. I've done some...
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