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  1. mrconfuse

    Android music player question

    For those using Android players, can you install 3rd party music players? and will those work with the dac? Or are you stuck with the default music for best performance
  2. mrconfuse

    Lookign for recommendation for IEM

    I'm looking for something that's less than $1000 with the following properties Highs, lows and bass - does not bleed into each other Highs, lows and bass - where everything is balanced and no one part trying to over take another part. Highs are not sibilant/fatiguing but present Mids are not...
  3. mrconfuse

    Looking for advice on IEM or Source

    I was using the Kanas pro until my left ear started to hurt (the right is fine). It's not the ear drums it's the out part where the IEM sits. Not sure if it's the weight or what but other IEM that I've tried seem okay so i m guessing it's the Kanas pro. It has gotten to the point where I can't...
  4. mrconfuse

    Is the Shanling M0 the best option?

    I was using my ipod touch as a transport with some of my portable DAC's but sadly the touch is dead. I'm looking to replace it but most of the devices that can be used as a transport with a Dac are actually players themselves. After looking around it seems my only choice is the Shanling M0, Now...
  5. mrconfuse

    Quiet songs and then loud songs on portable dap - how do you deal?

    So I like to listen to all types of music. And sometimes the song volume is low and then sometimes it's super loud. I see 2 ways to fix this and both are sort of not ideal. 1. listen to only songs that are in/near the same volume level at one time. When those songs are done, move to another...
  6. mrconfuse

    What do you recommend I do, stuck in a decision

    Not to long ago I started a post about wanting to upgrading/replacing my portable system into something new. The order of priority was this sound quality Physical controls portability $100 - $400 UI I decided to go with the Onkyo DP-S1 as it appeared to have everything that I wanted. That was...
  7. mrconfuse

    volume in OS vs volume in Tidal

    When playing music from Tidal on a computer, should the volume in the TIdal app be maxed out and then use the main OS volume to control how loud/low the volume goes? I'm on a mac and the volume meter in the Tidal app is completely independent of the volume control on the main OS.
  8. mrconfuse

    OPPO HA-2SE or IBasso DX90?

    I can buy one right now, which has better sound quality?
  9. mrconfuse

    Sound Volume in Applications vs main system volume

    For programs like tidal on a PC/Mac would you up the volume in Tidal to max and then control the over all volume via the OS volume control? On the MAC the tidal volume is independent of the main Volume, so maxing Tidal volume doesn't max the overall main system volume.
  10. mrconfuse

    What is the correct way to deal with Volume in applications like Tidal?

    I'm on a Mac and tidal has it's own volume control that's independent of the main OS. Should I up the volume on the Tidal app and then control volume loudness via OS volume controls? 
  11. mrconfuse

    Ibasso D-zero MK2 maximum input VRMS

    Does anyone know where I can find the max input VRMS for the Ibasso D-zero MK2? I can't see to find it on the Ibasso website or in the manual
  12. mrconfuse

    Is it worth it to upgrade my Westone UM PRO 10

    The IBasso IT03 looks interesting to me and i am thinking about getting those. Is it worth the upgrade? Will I hear much of a difference between the UM PRO 10 and the IBASSO? 
  13. mrconfuse

    New Headphone, player, or amp/dac

    Currently I have a Westone Umpro 10, a Ibasso D-zero mark 2 and my iphone . I can do 1 upgrade at this time. I nailed it down to the following items that i may want but now sure which is the best one to get at this time.    Replace the iphone with IBASSO DX50   Replace the Westone Umpro 10...
  14. mrconfuse

    Advice for dap upgrade

    I have the original AK100, now looking for an upgrade. What's available right now that is better than the Ak100 and cost less than $700? I listen to a lot of 80's, early 90's music. 
  15. mrconfuse

    Question about FIIO A1 and E6

    I can't find any information on this and I'm hoping someone else who has both can clarify this.   The A1 when in the 3rd bass mode (from what I understand) functions as a low gain setting where it actually attenuates/reduces volume, drops the signal down by -5 dB.   The E6 in mode 3 of the...
  16. mrconfuse

    What is the next step up after the Ak100?

    Should I opt for the IBasso 90? I'm not sure what to get
  17. mrconfuse

    Anyone have the Westone Um Pro 10 and the Pinnacle P1?

    I have the Westone and I'm wondering how the Pinnacle P1 compares to it
  18. mrconfuse

    AMP advice please

    I have a DAP that has a high OHM for the headphone out and my current IEM (25 OHM) don't work well with them. I've been looking at adding an amp to correct the impedance problem. And adding a DAP does help but it introduces another issue, loudness. It goes from no sound, soft, sorta loud and...
  19. mrconfuse

    AK100 VS FIIO X7 and LG V10

    Are the quality of audio playback similar or is there a substantial differences? What I mean is, when compared which one sounds like "wow" and which one sounds like "mehhh". 
  20. mrconfuse

    Why would eqing not fix this problem? Can someone more knowledgeable explain this to me

    So from this link - high output impedance negatively effects the frequency response   And this is a chart of the Ak100 + Shure 425 frequency response.       The frequency isn't flat, and the low frequency isn't flat...
  21. mrconfuse

    AK100 equalizer setting help or any eq help please

    I'm using the AK100 with the Shure 425, for most part I like how it sounds but i find that it doesn't have that umph (like it's missing a sub/some meat) I've been trying to get the sub bass/bass up a little on the AK100 but I can't figure it out. It all turns out sounding wrong. I like the way...
  22. mrconfuse

    Need someone to explain this 'impedance' issue i have to me in 'audiophile for dummies' method

    I have the AK100 and we all know it has an output impedance of 22. Based on what I read I would need to have a higher impedance IEM or send the Ak100 to be modded. Here's the issue, I want to buy the Eytomic ER4S but i notice that you can make the ER4PT into the ER4S with the optional adapter...
  23. mrconfuse

    AK100 vs Note 4 with hIbymusic

    I have both the note 4 and the AK100 and I'm at that point where I'm wondering if maybe I should leave the AK100 at home and use it as my main home source and just use the Note 4 with external DAC when I'm out and about. This appeals to me except for the cost of a good DAC + AMP combo. On the...
  24. mrconfuse

    background clipping-static with amp is it the amp, or double amping that's causing it?

    AK100 to FIIO E7 to SE425, volume set at max on AK100. Anything I play I hear some static noise/clipping in background which I know isn't there when I listen to the AK100 straight. If i turn the volume done to like 50 on the AK100 it's fine the clipping/static noise  is gone. I'm hesitant to go...
  25. mrconfuse

    Viper4android app - need some help in getting the best sound out

    After reading about it here and everywhere else I decided to give Viper4android a shot. So I have Viper4android for my note 4, and I've been messing with the toggles and switches but I can't seem to get the sound down right. I just need a starter place and then I'll work from there. for me I...