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  1. bobfa

    New Loaner Program - Chord Hugo TT2

    Many thanks to Todd from TTVJ Audio for setting up his loaner program. Just a little background to start. I have two Chord DACs, the Mojo and the Hugo 2. They both perform very well, and while they target the same use case, I use them differently. I use the Mojo for portable situations...
  2. bobfa

    Lyr 3 - The new Coherence™ and Continuity™ hybrid amplifier from Schiit - Impression & discussion thread

    WOW, what a thread! I finally decided to order a Lyr 3. Schiit has just shipped my Lyr 3 with the MB DAC and both of their tubes. I also have a WYRD in the order. My primary use case is desktop operation connected to my 27in iMac. I also plan to use it as a headphone amp in my "big"...
  3. bobfa

    Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

    Jason, I am sure it has been said before; but we really appreciate the work you do. I mean that not only from a customer standpoint but for the industry. It is hard these days to avoid the always on world! You can almost never get away from that stimulation. I received my first Schiit...
  4. bobfa

    What a long, strange trip it's been -- (Robert Hunter)

    I am very interested in what you might do with a transport. I am waiting on my first product from Schiit a Yggdrasil and I would love a "matching" transport. I think that the CD market is in a pretty great place to buy used right now. But as I have been purchasing used CD's and I am starting...
  5. bobfa

    Mytek Brooklyn Thread

    I have not heard the booster but I have the JS-2 that the second rail is running my MacMini and the combo is darn impressive. I would not go back. The improvement on the DAC+ was welcome but the improvement to the system cleaning up the power to the Mac mini is nothing short of a miracle! I...
  6. bobfa

    Mytek Brooklyn Thread

    OK My bad the x-14A (for amplified) so the DAC is direct to the speakers. You have to have some sort of volume control. The DAC + has three modes, (see their manual). One is a digital volume control the other is an analog volume control. But you can bypass the volume controls in the DAC and...
  7. bobfa

    24-bit audio a con, according to Gizmodo

    Well to add fuel to the fire.  HD Tracks newsletter yesterday said something about a "big" announcement next week.
  8. bobfa

    Re-cable to balanced for headphones. Wondering if there is a standard way to go back to SE

    The headphones will be plugged into a iBasso PB2 and an RSA SR71B so i need two connectors for that and one for singled ended.
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    iBasso DB1
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    The first version of the iBasso portable DAC
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    [No title]

    Stack of two Ibasso PB2's to show the front and rear as well as the colors
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    Both Colors front and rear vew
  13. bobfa

    Mac OS X: what's the best (safest) way to uninstall programs or drivers?

    Applications are typically installed in the applications folder. To remove them just drag the application to the trash. So if a program installs to Applications -> My Program. Just drag the My Program folder to the trash. There are a lot of web sites that cater to MAC owners. Try starting at...
  14. bobfa

    quick question: what do steeped attenuators do?

    A stepped attenuator in most cases consists of two sets of many position switches that connect different resistors for precise control. The switches are very high quality and the resistors are precision parts that are matched. They are expensive to build vs normal volume control...
  15. bobfa

    HF-1 update

    This site is currently unavailable. If you are the owner of this site, please contact us at 1-480-505-8855 at your earliest convenience.
  16. bobfa

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? [#4]

    The mummerss' dance from The Book of Secrets Loreena McKennitt.
  17. bobfa

    SR-71 sighting

    I cannot fly so I may want to listen to one!
  18. bobfa

    Circumaural vs Supraaural

    Quote: Originally Posted by commando supraaural = the headphones rest on your ears circumaural = the headphones go around your ears I might have the spelling wrong, but you get the idea. In-Canal or canal phones. Headphones that are inserted in your ear, like a hearing aid...
  19. bobfa

    Is larocco audio's site down?

    Their site is up at a temp addess, not sure but would be the email addresses are not working yet. All the info and pictures are there. Note: DNS has not fully propogated yet. I can see it from comcast but not from my office yet.
  20. bobfa

    Larocco audio website not working

    Loracco is having ISP problems. They have a temp site up at:
  21. bobfa

    Is larocco audio's site down?

    They are moving servers and a not to be named large hosting provider is not releasing control so that the site can be moved. Welcome to the Internet. If you need them call, they answer the phone. I know I talked to them yesterday for an hour. AMP drool still all over the floor..... Wallet...
  22. bobfa

    MAC G5 Source : Digital out, Help me pick a DAC

    Run the benchmark DAC1 to in incanal phones for work then at home run to an amp on the hd650. Then I can play some more with the amps. Still need a Transit or the like for my work PC. A lot to lug to work. All good ideas to play with. Thanks. Ahhh the spouse will be very confused. rjf
  23. bobfa

    MAC G5 Source : Digital out, Help me pick a DAC

    I have been looking at several of the builders of PPA amps and they all have nice options and good looking build quality. I have not googled for comparisions to other commercial amps. One thing that is nice about the PPA and their builders is that you can do some roll your own stuff to make it...
  24. bobfa

    MAC G5 Source : Digital out, Help me pick a DAC

    My current source would be the MAC G5 but I am considering a SACD/ DVD-A source. I have not gone there yet. I like the idea of isolated power using optical to the DAC to keep the audio chain away from the computer. I was looking at the PPA with DAC as a nice possiblity and it give me a...