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  1. dleblanc343

    Introducing the Audeze LCD-R!

    I can measure them on a miniDSP Ears, but it's only very accurate up to maybe 6kHz.
  2. dleblanc343

    The Official 64 Audio Thread | apex & tia Technologies

    M20 is by far the worst choice of module in my opinion. It makes an already generously bassy iem become far too stuffy, and chokes out the highs. It's great if you want a very smooth and rumbly sound.
  3. dleblanc343

    Comment by 'dleblanc343' on listing 'WTS: Unique Melody Mest Mk1 2.5 - $750 ConUS'

    Incredible price for an IEM that outperforms its very own revision!
  4. dleblanc343

    Introducing the Audeze LCD-R!

    Add me to the list who’s ordered LCD-R :) Can't wait to put it up against Susvara, HE60, Utopia, LCD4, ADX5000 and HE6! Recently owned SR1a, HEDD & Verite Open as well, so I have a good frame of reference for flagships and diff technologies. So excited
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    Comment by 'dleblanc343' on listing 'ZMF Verite Open LTD Desert Ironwood'

    I mainly use speakers and Susvara so these need a loving family
  6. dleblanc343

    Introducing the Audeze LCD-R!

    Oh damn! Now this is a comparison I look forward to hearing :)
  7. ZMF Verite Open LTD Desert Ironwood

    These are mint mint mint, with barely any usage. Included are the following accessories: - Military Carry Case - Limited Edition Desert Ironwood Verite Open - XLR Stock Cable - 1/4” Stock Clothed Cable - Leather Universe Pads Perforated - Leather/ Suede Universe Pads Perforated - Red velvet...
  8. Aurorus Borealis

    Amazing headphones, recently serviced. All accessories included. Shipping not included. If you know, you know!
  9. dleblanc343

    The Spectacular Final Audio D8000 Pro - Review

    Susvara is the best headphone currently available in my opinion. If you want something a little less “correct” and more fun/ dynamic, D8000 Pro. Verite Open is definitely a level below in detail and resolution, but it’s addictively pleasant in its tuning, smoother and more organic. I recently...
  10. dleblanc343


    If you come to Montreal, it can be arranged! @Vitaly2017 Was impressed by your Final x Dita Kangen - I've been curious about those myself!
  11. dleblanc343

    Sony IER-M9 impressions thread

    So I just re-ordered an IER-M9... in part due to you. 3rd time coming back to the M9 - it remains my favorite tuned iem, EVER. I currently own KSE1500, Z1R, MEST, EX1000 - have owned or extensively had on hand: Odin, A8000, U12T, Nio, Elysium, VE8, Fourte Noir, Fourte, U18T, Andro 2020...
  12. dleblanc343

    Audio-Technica ATH-WP900

    Super underrated closed backs! I think they’re the best under $1K with an opposite flavor to Denon D7200.
  13. dleblanc343

    Audio-Technica AT-BHA100 & AT-DAC100

    No sadly. This amp won’t be a great pairing with most planars unless super efficient (sounds incredible with LCD-X 2021)
  14. dleblanc343

    The Official 64 Audio Thread | apex & tia Technologies

    If you’re interested I have a brand new ALO Super Litz 4.4 cable with mmcx to 2 pin adaptors. It would be a superior cable for cheaper :)
  15. dleblanc343


    Wow what a small world, I have serial # 123 - Hello neighbor :) I believe they're now at 10K+
  16. Sennheiser HD800

    These are in great cosmetic condition considering the fragility of the paint. Only scuffing on the outer edges of the left/right raise plates. All packaging included, Dekoni velour pads and original pads (pretty used) Thanks!
  17. Sennheiser HD700, Fostex TH-X00 Purpleheart

    Sennheiser HD700 10/10 no wear but need new padding - 350$ Fostex TH-X00 Purpleheart 7.5/10 Knick on cup and some micro scuffs visible in artificial light - 350$ Open to offers, and please ask for any other photos or information.
  18. dleblanc343

    Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

    The best stand for SR1a is the wooden Stax one as its gap allows the flap pads to be in free air without compression, and cups don’t touch each other. Usually Woo for me too is the best, but in this case the Raal are not safe
  19. dleblanc343

    TOTL disappointments

    BHA-1 is quite a bit better for each and every headphone, however, maxing out volume on the THX 789 does give more volume gain, and can be more satisfying for HE6/ K1000. That being said, all these headphones deserve speaker amp. I've got a first edition 789 and keeping for life just as a...
  20. dleblanc343

    The Official 64 Audio Thread | apex & tia Technologies

    Sounds like you need MEST MK1. Not MK2 though, that one sounds muffled as hell. I had Nio when first released and loved its bass, but ultimately preferred MX module... but it lacked clarity. Had a demo of MEST while owning Nio, and it tainted my impressions of MEST finding it thin, and shouty...
  21. dleblanc343

    Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

    I've only tried the Raal on speaker amps, and boy is it a demanding headphone. Plan on picking up the HSA-1B from my friend/ Canadian dealer, so will be able to come back with more info. Jotunheim R, for me, sounded terribly bright and thin. Speaker amps tried: - Yamaha RX-A660 - Home...
  22. dleblanc343

    TOTL disappointments

    ADX5000 is severely underrated. It’s the best dynamic driver headphone currently on the market. I also have Utopia but prefer ADX5K However, also a huge fan of HiFiMAN’s especially the OG HE6. That being said, Susvara is definitely two notches above the competition. They are notoriously picky...
  23. dleblanc343

    Unique Melody MEST MKII/MEST/mini MEST Announcement and Impression Thread.

    Can confirm no polarity issues with OG MEST. Using either standard 2 pin 64Audio or Dunu cables
  24. Denon D9200 Like New in Box

    Like new Denon D9200. No blemishes, marks or any wear whatsoever. Mint. Used total of 5 hours. Selling because I want full isolation. Cheers