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  1. KimLaroux

    Bug: Arrow keys are hijacked in comment input box of pictures.

    I just found a crippling bug that almost got me punching my screen.   If you use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the cursor inside the input box of the comment section on a picture page, the picture is changed to the next/previous one and you loose all the text you typed.  ...
  2. KimLaroux

    Tube biasing using CCS, based on SOHA II, not working as expected.

    Hi peeps. Been here years and that's the first thread I start... I need your help here, cause I seem to have no idea what I'm doing.   I built this circuit based on the SOHA II input stage:     The 15 K resistors are 0.25 W so they can't dissipate more than 0.5 W together. I am...