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  1. linnem

    IMP-550, mdr-e888sp and more...

    One as new (about an hours use) iriver imp-550 with extras for sale. PLEASE CONTACT ME AT MLINNEKE@YAHOO.NO ONLY! Payment only thru paypal. Price includes 1. class airmail (insured/registred) inside Europe. One imp-550 as new in original box all original accessories. No marks/scratches. One...
  2. linnem

    stuff for sale/trade

    Stuff for sale or trade. Prices include 1. class airmail, add 5 USD for registred/insured mail. Contact only thru I wont be able to answer mail during the weekend, sorry. Grundig e-traveller VII pocket FMstereo/AM/shortwave radio All digital, very small. Mint condition and...
  3. linnem

    WTB Sony SRF-80W

    looking to find a Sony SRF-80W in GOOD condition. Sorry for the other post, the 40W is FM only and I'm not interested in that.
  4. linnem


    Friendly buyer, recomended! Hope you liked the phones.
  5. linnem

    amp, pcdp, phones and radio

    I want new stuff and the old must go! Sony SRF-T615 pocket radio (see for info). Great little radio with an amazing 40 mw * 2 output! Will drive anything you throw at it. Made in Japan = top quality like old Sony units. A real gem, new / like new with original wrapping...
  6. linnem

    It's here...

    ...the new Sony CD on audiocubes. ...I wonder if you have to use the charging stand or you can just use an AC adapter. Does any one know how it is on the d-ej1000???
  7. linnem

    Sony D-CJ01

    Hi! European model (with LCD-remote) D-CJO1 MP3 discman up for grabs! Has all original parts/manuals that came in the box + one bag/case that holds discman and amp. Has small cosmetic scratches. used lightly. Sale can include a pair of MDR-7506 BR, Martin
  8. linnem

    do I need an amp???

    I'm not into really loud music and my headphones are all between 16 and 64 ohms so driving them from my D-CJ01 is no problem. What really interests me is the cross-filter...Is that worth 160 US (porta corda) and will it "work" from the headphone out on my pocketradios??? In short, will I...
  9. linnem

    snap, crackle and pop

    After looking at a pair of mdr-e888 at my local dealer for a couple of weeks I went ahead and shelled of the money for them earlier today. Sadly however, they have a strange crackling sound in the left channel, a bit like a bowl of rice crispies...It only seems to affect the bass. -are they...