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  1. seag33k

    Recommendation - Earbuds - easy to drive, isolation, silicone tips, non-wireless

    I've asked a similar question, but have refined my requirements. I am looking for some confortable earbuds that are: Easy to drive (phone) Provide good isolation Use silicone tips Non-Wireless Build quality is important My budget is less than $100. Thanks!
  2. seag33k

    Ear Bud Recommendations

    I have number of over the ear headphones (Beyer COP, DT990 Pro, AT M50, & Sony MDR1000X), but need some in ear headphones for work and my commute. What are your recommendations for inexpensive options (under $50) and higher end options ($150). I won't be using a portable amp. I'll be...
  3. seag33k

    Beyer Custom One Pro Earpads

    Can anyone recommend more comfortable earpads for the Custom One Pros?
  4. seag33k

    In Ear Headphones for the Gym Recommendations - Under $100

    I am looking for a decent pair of in ear headphones that work great for the gym.  I wear glasses so they can't have the over ear support.  My current cheap pair fall out constantly.  Looking for something under $100.   Thanks! Eric
  5. seag33k

    Upgrade Headphones or Amp

    My current setup is:   Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros FIIO E17 Macbook Pro   I was looking to upgrade my headphones to the Beyerdynamic T90s.  From the reviews they seem to offer the extended refinement without sounding too lean in the bass department.  The sale price unfortunately is gone...
  6. seag33k

    To Replace my CALs

    I bought the CALs back in Feb and am noticing a buzzing in the left channel.  The buzzing is most noticeable around 30hz.  Unfortunately I don't have my receipt so I can't return them for repair :(  I am hoping to find something to replace them.  What do people recommend for under $100? I am...
  7. seag33k

    Tuning OS X & FiiO E17

    I just got a new Macbook and am wondering if there are any OS settings I should tweak to get the most out of my E17.  Its been a while since I've used a Mac so wanted to make sure I wasn't over looking something. Thanks!
  8. seag33k

    HIFIMAN: HE-400 Compared to BEYERDYNAMIC: DT 880 (600 Ohm)

    I have read many reviews of these two pairs of headphones but thought I'd get some feedback from people who have actually listened to them.  Are either of them difficult to drive? Would my FiiO E17 suffice to drive these cans? Eventually I'll be getting another amp but this is what I have at the...
  9. seag33k

    Mad Dog Explanation and Opinions

    I’ve been researching possible candidates for an addition to my small headphone collection.  Sound qualities that are important to me are extended bass with good impact, smooth treble that is detailed but not harsh, decent soundstage with separation of instruments,  and midrange that is not in...
  10. seag33k

    Open Headphones - Reference Models - $300 - $500

    I have a great pair of closed headphones that I really enjoy (COP) for all around listening at work or home.  I am considering a pair of open headphones for home listening.  I generally listen to rock (old/new), country, and jazz.  I have a pair of Sennheiser HD495 that are on ear style, but I...
  11. seag33k

    Getting the most out of the FiiO E17

    I just purchased the FiiO E17 and want to get the most out of my setup.  What have others done to get the best performance from this DAC/AMP?  I've run mine for a few hours so it is charged.  I've also maxed out the sample rate on my PC.  I am also breaking in a new pair of COPs as well. Thanks!
  12. seag33k

    Sennheiser CX 680 - exercise ear buds $50

    Will post my question in the static thread already created.
  13. seag33k

    $100 - $200 Headphone Suggestions for PC & iPad

    I am looking for suggestions on a pair of headphones in the $100 - $200 range approximately.  I have a pair of Klipsch Image One headphones that sound great, but aren't that comfortable for long periods of time.  I generally listen to music or watch movies on my computer or iPad.  At times I...