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  1. Collusion[FIN]

    SOLD Dangerous Music Convert-2 DAC (EU)

    NOW SOLD DM Convert-2 is based on Analog Device's AD1955 d/a chip, which is known to have very non delta-sigma like sound signature (as in non artificial or grating treble). Dynamics wise this dac is probably one of the very best. Excellent choice for setups that require more vivid...
  2. Collusion[FIN]

    SOLD Tara Labs RSC Prime XLR 1 meter

    Selling this pair of cables because I have no use for them anymore. In very good condition. Original box comes with. Pictures upon request. SOLD
  3. Collusion[FIN]

    Dangerous Music Convert-2

    Sale cancelled.
  4. Collusion[FIN]

    SOLD! Marantz HD-DAC1

    NOW SOLD Selling my Marantz HD-DAC1 headphone amplifier / dac / preamplifier. Bought 01/2019, 2 year warranty. Black unit. Remote/manual/original stuff comes with the unit. Shipping costs inside EU and paypal fees included in the price. More information...
  5. Collusion[FIN]

    SOLD Norne Audio Silvergarde S3 (3.5mm <-> 4pin XLR)

    Cable is now sold.
  6. Collusion[FIN]

    Burson Conductor V2

    Selling my Burson HP amplifier. 8.2 watts of power for a 16 ohm load. In excellent condition and will be shipped in the original box. Remote control included. This version does not include the dac module, but it can be added later. Works also as an preamp. 2 years old. Color: silver More...
  7. Collusion[FIN]

    Chord Hugo 2 *SOLD*

    Selling my immaculate black Hugo 2. Bought in January 2018 from local importer, purchase receipt exists. Under warranty. Comes with the original box and other stuff. I'll be getting an Yggdrasil next week, so won't be using the Hugo 2 as a dac anymore. Location: Finland Local pick up or...