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  1. fallingyuki

    Is "future proof" in Head-Fi's dictionary?

    After looking at some headphones (sub £150) I noticed something which is probably wrong but I thought I'd ask. On this forum and a few others, people seem to perpetually recommend the same headphones for years, I don't know why but speculate it is either because manufacturers aren't making newer...
  2. fallingyuki

    Buying portable or in-ear headphones? Seeking guidance? DON'T START A NEW THREAD. Ask for advice HERE!

    First of hello head-fi'ers,   Just like to ask do you think its worth it to buy a pair of ATH-M50s even though I already have a pair of akg 450s, would there be that much of a difference in sound quality when being used for music only?   P.S Ordered 2 pair of monoprice 8320 after reading...
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