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    Perhaps the Year of the CAL! (Aurvana Live) 2013

    These cans have been receiving great press over the years and while prices were pinned at over $90+ for most of the year, prices seem to be stabilizing in the $60 range. This is the price point where we have great expectations. I like many aspects of this can. 1. very light 2. comfortable...
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    The AKG Q701 triple 3 mod

    After comparing several headphones, I realized that the AKG Q701 had lots of potential - especially for the price point at under $240 at time of this post. However, consistent with observations with many head-fiers, the high frequency response of the AKG can interfere with the overall listening...
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    My first wow moment...

    Before I knew anything about headphones, I had a very memorable experience in a sound booth in Disney World. I believe the track was called 'Song of the Rainforest 3-D Sound Adventure'. Not only was the sound very realistic, it raised my hairs in fear. I could have sworn there was a growling...
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    Pros and Cons for Rolls HA43

    I'd like to hook up several headphones to one amp. By connecting this amp, I'm basically double amping, but are there any other disadvantages to using this as a convenient way to connect headphones? I can't seem to find much info about it and still learning how the specs affect the quality of...
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    Creative Mod ideas for Senn PX200ii.

    I like these portable cans, but I keep believing there are custom pads that can be used to make them work more like circumaural or to that effect. Maybe getting a bigger bad and gluing on the ear pieces? I sure someone has tries this before :)
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    How many headphones do you have now?

    These things are like potato chips "I bet you can't just have one!"   It's apparent that many here collect, buy, sell, trade many headphones, I began being curious about many each of your have  ----- at a given time point... like now.  We might also be interested in designing a poll that...
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    cans for toddlers

    First off, daughter looks damn cute wearing cans :)   At the church we go to, the speakers can get very loud. Sometimes, I have to cup my hands over her hears. Sometimes her older friends do the same for her and hold her ears. I've looked around for toddler sized phones, but not sure if I'm...
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    Best companion 'Open back' phone for the AT M50?

    Can you recommend an open back headphone that will complement the M50? I'm hoping to have several good ones to choose from under $300. So if there is a counterpart to the M50, I'm all ears.. (pun intended) :)
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    recommended amp/dac for top tier IEMs

    FIIO has been  getting a lot of positive reviews, and I'm interested in purchasing one - but are they (specifically the fiio e17)  overkill for IEMs like Shure SE530, TF10, and Westone UM3X?  I hope to acquire one soon - at the very least I can improve the sound from my laptop, but it would be...
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    Phone as music source and hiss.

    I've been using my phone (galaxy nexus) as my primary player, but when I enable third party equalizers / bass boost, I get a lot of 'hissss'. What are some of my options? Should I get an amp instead - or a separate music player?
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    se530 rubber on housing ripped

    Hello - I've searched through the threads, but since I'm not sure how to describe the problem, maybe I'm not looking in the right place! Basically, the rubber part of the housing where the cable goes into is starting to detach from the housing itself. Before it completely rips off, what kind of...
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    UM56 (or custom owners) How many refits?

    I received my UM56 and do not like them one bit. I'm afraid that my ears will bleed the next time I try them on. I believe the impressions ok - but a bit tight. We might be able to work with the existing impressions. The major issue is the material and length. Perhaps we can shorten a bit and...
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    Listening Volume

    What is your listening preference I usually listen to low volumes - partly because I'm reading or thinking or working. But I go medium - rarely high volume.
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    Ear Wax/Junk Removal

    Have you made arrangements to have your hearing checked? You might be surprised. Who knows, maybe your hearing will be super improved as a result of pulling one of these things out >> YouTube - ear wax Rated PG
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    How often new models released?

    In the digital camera world, one could expect an upgraded model to be released in 18 months. When do headphones get updated? For example, how long has the Shure SE 530 been around and when would Shure be considering an update? I noticed from some feedback that Westone was years late on getting...
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    Describing Sound for newbies

    Hi all, I've been reading many of the reviews and I'm unclear with some of the descriptions; like 'forward mids' and 'tight bass'. I'm sure there are others. More input and definitions would be appreciated I have several phones to compare, as well as different tips. I also play with the...