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  1. KSC35Matt

    Need advice on headphones I will hopefully use for the next 10+ years

    Hello   Efficient writing mode [ON].   I've had the Grado SR60 (not "i") for years and loved the sound.  They broke.   Repair costs $80, and they will install SR60i drivers for one reason or another.   So I'm looking to see what options will give me the best value in the $80 region, a...
  2. KSC35Matt

    Seeking advice for the £40 ($60) range please

    Hi   My SR60's broke - the driver gave up, and it wasn't the hair problem.  A repair company has told me they can fit new SR60i drivers in them for £40 ($60 USD).   My question - should I get the repair with the new SR60i drivers, or is there a headphone on the market that you think is...
  3. KSC35Matt

    Grado SR60 problem & advice

    My trusty 9 year old Grado SR60 headphones have developed a rattling in the right earpiece, it sounds like the cone is struggling as the music is distorted.   I contacted Grado, they told me I can pay £35 to get them repaired.  They said they would fit new drivers.  Would they use identical...
  4. KSC35Matt

    Need advice on full Setup (Headphones, Amp and MP3 player) for running/exercise?

    What I'd like : To listen to fantastic sound quality for running/exercise, with some exciting bass (mainly dance music).  My unamped Koss KSC35 has done a fantastic job with this but after 8 years has started to fall apart, and I can hear room for improvement.  I've just lost my MP3 player and...
  5. KSC35Matt

    Have Any Headphones Taken KSC-35's Crown?

    Eight years ago I asked on another headphone forum for the best cheapish headphones for general use and exercise, and was recommended the Koss KSC-35's. I've had them for eight years I have LOVED them to pieces, so much so that they are almost in pieces. Just before I order myself a new pair...