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  1. basmatirice

    dt770 for less?

    is this seller trustworthy? Beyerdynamic DT770 DT 770 Pro-80 Headphones Brand New - eBay (item 320250133661 end time May-15-08 23:44:29 PDT) do you know of any better place to get them?
  2. basmatirice

    mods for akg k271?

    any mods for the akg k271 (particularly for increasing the bass)?
  3. basmatirice

    any of you bought from yogi-comp via ebay?

    have any of you bought from yogi-comp on ebay? are they trustworthy?
  4. basmatirice

    akg k240S or beyer dt250-80

    which would you get?
  5. basmatirice

    akg k240s or sony mdr-sa1000?

    which of these two would you pick? does the akg k240 block any noise? how deep are the ear cups of the k240 (i ask because my ears stick out a little)? what are the tonal balances of these two phones?
  6. basmatirice

    what all tips fit the futuresonic atrio?

    i'm looking for some that provide a better and more consitent seal than the bi flanges. i want some that aren't foam.
  7. basmatirice

    UE 5 pro or denon ah-c700?

    i'm thinking of getting one of these (not sure if i will or not yet really). i keep reading that the 5 blocks more sound than the denon. but i really hate the idea of wraping that cable around my ear. i'm easily annoying by such things. how much more sound does the 5...
  8. basmatirice

    do the 5's create suction like ety's do?

    i'm tired of the suction my ety's create and would like some more bass... the 5's it for this purpose? and how deep are the beyer pads on the rp-21 phones?
  9. basmatirice

    is it the cd or my er6i? clipping on strong female choir chord?

    i think this is clipping. i get this sort of scratchy sound in my left ear piece when the choir on my ultrasone cd, track 4 around the 45-47 second mark, does a strong higher pitched... singing thing... why? and it didn't go away when i turned the volume down. it reduced a little, but...
  10. basmatirice

    chainteck av-710 or usb dac for under $60?

    i want to use this for some gaming, movies, and music. emphasis should be on music. i don't want sound lag when gaming or watching movies though. is there a usb dac that would beat the sound of the av-710 paired with a go-vibe 5s and some etymotic er6i?
  11. basmatirice

    should an amp make make these sounds when turned on and off?

    when i turn it on i get a "thack" sound in my phones.... when i turn it off i get a pause, then a "thhhooomP" sound. is that normal?
  12. basmatirice

    what is currently the best portable amp for the er6i?

    from what i have read the pa2v2 is the best. has this changed? what is the best cheap amp for a balanced, detailed, spacious sound with the er6i? i don't want fatiguing highs or lows... just a nice balanced sound. is there any hope of getting one with rca interconnects, a crossfeed, and an...
  13. basmatirice

    a buzz in my amp?

    there's this electrical buzzing noise coming from my amp. the noise comes from both channels but the right is quite a bit worse. what is causing this and how do i fix it? this has been going on for a while. it seems like everytime i turn it off and then back on it gets a little louder...
  14. basmatirice

    how do you moisten your er6i tips when on the go?

    also, i've found it's best just to moisten them and jam them in my ears. pulling my ear back before inserting them and the letting go seems to cause the flanges to cut into my canal in a painful way.
  15. basmatirice

    widows play control equalization... what setting is true neutral?

    i just got my etymotic er6i's. i was wondering where the bass went when i got them. i had a good seal and everything. i discovered that a lot of the bass and high went away because i had set the treble and bass at their mid points. the bass seems lacking at times... sometimes it is close to...
  16. basmatirice

    er6 has more bass than super fi 3? are all the reviews about the er6 not having bass wrong?
  17. basmatirice

    cry... i may need new phones.... something closed....

    i have been trying to mod my ultrasone dj-1's to not have such piercing highs. i have broken all the wiring connection... and my resoldering attempts have failed. i e-mailed ultrasone about the problem to see if they'd resolder them for a fee... if this cannot be done i will need some...
  18. basmatirice

    do any of you have some left over grade headphone cables...or something else?

    i'm looking for some cheap but decent cables to solder to my current phones. this will make a mod i'm going to do easier since my phones are currently one sided in their cabling. do any of you have some grado cables left over after a cable upgrade? the most i want to spend is $20.... i...
  19. basmatirice

    how does changing the size of the chamber behind a can speaker alter the sound?

    what is the relationship between shape and sound? does a deep chamber make more bass? does a wider chamber increase detail? ... etc...
  20. basmatirice

    where does one get thick blocks of high quality wood? and other questions...

    the wood need not be anything special. a softer, heavier (heavier being most important) wood would be best. a low price would be good as well. and by high quality i mean free of imperfections. no cracks, knots... anything like that. what type of non powered tools are used to shape wood...
  21. basmatirice

    is there any way to get an rs-1 headband seperate from buying an rs-1?

    i was going to use it to mod my ultrasones. and will beyerdynamic leather pads fit ultrasone headphones? mine are shaped more like the hfi series.