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  1. AndrewG

    Triad L3 black

    Great condition, it is in the black enclosing but I'm including the wooden one as well. Includes charger
  2. AndrewG

    why can't I get the sound I once had? same set-up sounds different

    in 2009 or so I had a set-up that was the best for me. It produced insane speed and resolution, it was other worldly. the set-up included recabled editon 9s, coming out of RSA portable amp, with a pico DAC... not very fancy I know. but it was the first time in headphones that magic happened and...
  3. AndrewG

    ALO Continental V1 silver

    FS/FT: ALO Continental V1 silver. Includes everything + original box, 100 hours use. 8/10. A very good rich, musical tube sound, that is impossible to get with any other portable amp. Very 'analog"
  4. AndrewG

    WTB: Sennheiser HD800

    does anyone have an HD800 for sale? let me know thank you
  5. AndrewG

    Apogee Duet 2

    As new, just used for a few hours, Includes everything and original box/cables. I will ship anywhere. If you have something in trade, I am looking for separate amp/dacs, preferably ray samuels/pico.
  6. AndrewG

    FS: Grado HF2s/Apogee Duet 2/iPad 2

    These items I will ship anywhere in the world. PM me if you would like to work out a deal, thank you! I can hear offers but no lowballing   HF-2s mint with box, $400.00   Apogee Duet 2 - $495.00   iPad 2 black 16 GB wifi - tiny dent on corner - $375.00, $395 with leather case.  ...
  7. AndrewG

    big storage ipod with no clickwheel lag?

    what is the biggest storage ipod option, with no lag in using it? I tried the ipod classic 7th gen but it was way too laggy to scroll through it. is it ipod 5? I would also like hard drive upgrade for it. what is the highest upgrade available?
  8. AndrewG

    HF-2 for RS-1?

    Anyone want to trade their RS-1 for it. I can add some $$ perhaps.
  9. AndrewG

    What is the verdict on apogee duet two?

    Is it the best dac amp in its price range? People said that about duet 1 but duet 2 is supposed to be better l
  10. AndrewG

    Rockboxd HM-801 with 64 GB content in SD cards

    Everything is in great condition. Rockbox gives ALAC support and gapless playback. Includes everything and a solid outer box with great 24-bit content. Ship anywhere
  11. AndrewG

    Ipad 2 16 GB wifi

    16 GB wifi, great condition but has a small dent / mark on corner, if you are intersted, PM me and i will ship anywhere. I prefer google checkout (takes any debit/cc) but if paypal is necessary might be able to take it. Included for an extra $20 is a brown leather happy owl studio wallet case...
  12. AndrewG

    Ultrasone Edition 8 with TWAG V2 cable + more (71B, 3DS, ipad)

    Google checkout please. Thank you   Ultrasone Edition 8 with Twag V2 cable and protector to 1/8th adapter. $1,000  Ray Samuels SR71B Amplifier black - $550 Nintendo 3DS with Zelda - $135 Ipad 2 - 16 GB - tiny dent on corner - $385   WANT: Grado RS-1 ($500 value) Ultrasone...
  13. AndrewG

    Are 24/96 vinyl rips accurate to the mastering?

    Or are they just photocopies of the music? If you record and listen to 24 96 will you be getting the correct levels and instrument placement? 
  14. AndrewG

    Will Westone 4 fit my needs?

    I want something with a strong beat, crispy drums that you can get into. I also like emotionally involving vocals where you feel the singer, but not too bright. Is westone 4 worth getting? so music comes alive out of them? Im considering UM3X but vocals werent the strong point on those.
  15. AndrewG

    Nintendo 3DS with Zelda: OoT and Starfox 3DS, Canon Powershot SX210 IS

    Great deal to be had here. The item includes original box and the games are complete. If you bought in stores it would cost over $250 for all this. I'm selling to raise quick funds. Second item for sale: Canon Powershot SX210 IS. 14 megapixel camera retails for over $300. Asking only $120 for...
  16. AndrewG

    IC: Ultrasone Edition 8 and 9

    I've got 8s and 9s. I've got to sell one. Both are recabled.   8 with V2 twag cable, fits a protector and has a headphone jack adapter. 9 with apureV3 10 foot cable neutrik plug. 1500.   Interested? PM me. I will ship anywhere    
  17. AndrewG

    Protector/71B balanced to mini cable

    I need to connect my protector terminated headphone to a regular mini jack. pls PM me with cost , pay 50-75$
  18. AndrewG

    Is there a difference in sound between 1/8th mini plugs and 1/4th stereo plugs?

    I want to reterminate a 1/4th plug to a 3.5mm 1/8th mini. Will the sound quality be any less?
  19. AndrewG

    GRADO HF-1 #66

    Grado HF-1, includes original box. I got this modded, cable to 4 foot with mini plug, which suits it greatly for portable use. Selling it cheaper because on the right cup the letters are faded and on the left cup partially faded. Other than that it's fine. PM me to deal! Check/MO only!
  20. AndrewG

    RSA SR71B

    Perfect condition includes everything.
  21. AndrewG

    Centrac DACPORT

    Hello, I am eager to sell this DacPort, many people have expressed interest but no one bought it yet. It comes with original box, USB cable and a 1/8th adapter. I would also trade it for a Hifiman 602. Right now I would prefer an amazon gift code since I am ordering an item off Amazon soon...
  22. AndrewG

    FS: Audeze LCD2s

    FS: Audeze LCD-2s. VG condition about a month old, includes original cable. Asking $775.
  23. AndrewG

    Centrac DACport

    Great portable DAC/AMP, a deal for only $295. I can only accept a check, MO or amazon gift payment currently. Please PM me if you are interested!
  24. AndrewG

    hifiman 601/602

    I am interested in acquiring a hifiman 601 or hifiman 602. with no buzzing problem. If you have a 32 GB card I will pay extra. I just ask that the unit is 'burned in'
  25. AndrewG

    how does hifiman 602 function as a USB DAC?

    I am considering portable Dacs in that price range. should I just get a hifiman 602 which can be a DAC as well as a player? Is it copmarable to pico, dacport, streamer + ?