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  1. dagothur

    A nice, "cheap" portable amp

    I'm getting my first real audio setup.  It's going to be Zune 80gB-ATH-m50-X. I place an X there because I'm looking to get a portable amp, but I need suggestions from some Head-fi'ers.  I'm not willing to pay for a $200 portable amp (even though I want an HE12 Arrow so desperately bad), but I...
  2. dagothur

    Headphone suggestion

    So, this is my first post here and I'm looking to upgrade from my JVC Rx-900s.  I'm a portable user, and listen almost primarily to death metal.  I'd like to get a portable amp with it to save power and (maybe?) add some nice quality to my music.  An audiophile friend of mine recommended getting...