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  1. bmichels

    FS Stax SR-007 mk1 - Rare early model - Like new !!

    For sale Stax SR-007 mk1, early model Sn 717xx : 1400€ I am located south Ouest of France : Saint-Paul d'Espis - 82400 - Tarn & Garonne. Mint condition. Early model with champagne color cups couleur and brown pads/arceau. Super clean. like new. Why do I sell it ? I already have a SR009...
  2. bmichels

    ORIOLUS : New portable tube AMP & portable DAC.

    Oriolus just released 2 new portable devices. The BA10 (OAK) which is a balanced tube amp The BD10 (CEIBA) which is a SS balanced DAC/AMP I am mostly interested by the BA10 tube Amp since most DAP now have already a very good DAC inside. Plus, with 135 mm x 75 mm, it match exactly the new...
  3. bmichels

    looking for very short Type-c to Type-c USB OTG cable ? anyone know ?

    To connect my A&K player to an external SSD USB Disk, I am looking for a USB " Type-C to Type-C " OTG cable like this. 10 cm maximum and L shaped if possible. Anyone know where to get it ?
  4. bmichels

    2017 MUNICH HighEnd...

    Is anyone here planning to attend the High End Show this year ? I will be there with another head-fier, 3 days Thursday to Saturday. I hope to be able to hear/see : CANEVER ZeroUno Tube DAC, Chord HUGO-2, Auralic Aries 2, Hifiman ED6 (v/s HEK2), Unique Melody ME-1 planar IEM (IF they are...
  5. bmichels

    GOLDMUND Telos THA2... Binaural effect !?

    This AMP pretend to re-create binaural listening out of "standard" recording !! Has someone listened to it and experienced this "magic" ? I am septical.... From Goldmund web site: "....and it now comes with a new feature that will ravish headphone aficionados: The Binaural encoding. This...
  6. bmichels

    Next Astell&Kern: AK480 (and AK500n's successor) wish list & rumors...

    This april fool published almost 3 years ago might becomes reality very soon now    At least for the specs...       So, let's start a thread of wish list & rumors for the next A&K TOL DAP.    My guess is that it will be announced in May 2017 at the Munich's High-End show. this will be 2...
  7. bmichels

    NuPirme OMNIA: Super TOL DAP, 1To, Streamer, nas....

    At MUNICH High-End, Nuprime showed prototype of a new DAP due for year-end: the Nuprime OMNIA   It will spot 5,5" screen, could offer 1 To storage, and act also as a NAS, a DLNA server, a streamer...   More infos here    I have no picture. So, if someone has more infos or picture, please...
  8. bmichels

    Ancient Audio P-1: headphone amplifier and sound processor in one body

    Has someone heard about this unit ?  they call it "Digital Speaker / Headphone Processor"  !!   Does someone understand what is the real benefit of it compared to a standard headphone amplifier ?   
  9. bmichels

    Analog square paper TUR-06 portable tube amp

    since I already have a TU-05, I am selling my Analog square paper TUR-06 portable tube amp .   With transport and sales taxes it costed me 800€. I will let it go for 500€.     It is a special model with not only the "high grade capacitor" option, but also with, at my request, a 1/4 jack...
  10. bmichels

    Ultrasone Edition 5 (ED5) LIMITED Edition like new. Collectors item (342 of 555)

    I am selling my Edition 5 LIMITED Edition.    Comes with a free Wywire RED extra cable.         This headphone is very nice and very good sounding and VERY Confortable, but I need to finance other projects, and I do not need a closed headphone anymore. Indeed I bought it 1 year ago when I...
  11. bmichels

    BEST CD/DAC ? Accuphase, VITUS, Esoteric, T+A... ?

    Since I need a CD player AND a good DAC, I am considering the ESOTERIC K-01x but also the EMM LAB XDS-1, the VITUS SCD-025, the T+A PDP 3000HV, the TAD D-1000 and of course the Accuphase DP-720 !   Does anyone know how they compare ( as CD player but ALSO as USB DAC) ? Do each have specific...
  12. bmichels

    cembalo lab spring1 : a new Headphone amp (Liquid carbon & Black Widow competitor ?)

    A new TOL guy in town ? the CEMBALO Spring 1 headphone AMP   Apparently it will be at the end a complete system  :    Spring 1 headphone AMP + Spring DAC + Spring streaming player.     anyone has more infos about this ?   
  13. bmichels

    LCD-X, brand new. NEW PRICE. Mint condition, with free leather headband

    For sale my LCX-X bought recently from Casques-Headphone in France. It is Brand new.   Shipped from Belgium, sales taxes included.   NEW PRICE : 1750 €   The cables are still in the original un-opened scelled plastic bag (I had already a LCD WyWire cable to test it). Same for the Audeze...
  14. bmichels

    PLAY a CD and in the same time Rip it on a HD ?

    Is there a music server/CD Player which can PLAY a CD and in the same time Rip it on it's HD ?   This will be a great time saving : everytime I play a CD, it is also saved as a HighRes music file ! !    It may be tricky, but.... may be a Music server with a built-in CD-Player that read ahead...
  15. bmichels

    DAC optimised for 16/44 redbook instead of super High-res or DSD

    This may be against the curent high-res trend, but for some reasons I need to change my strategy !    Indeed, I just bought from a friend of mine who is an audiophile/opera fanatic a lot of 2500 rare classical CD  .  This was  unexpected but now... I have a loooong ripping job to do   ...
  16. bmichels

    LH Labs' gorgeous Vi Dac ( Tube + SS outputs )

    LH Labs has a new crowd funding Project : the Vi DAC And, IMO.. Very good looking. One fun feature: you can have SS & Tube output runing in the Same Time, booth connected to your Amp, and you then van switch from SS & Tube sound by switching your amp's input. Does anyone has infos on this...
  17. bmichels

    High-Efficiency speaker for a 3 watts tube amp ?

    What high-Efficiency speakers can you suggest for my Eddie Curent 445 headphone/speaker Tube Amp ?   
  18. bmichels

    New Audio Research DAC: DAC 9 ?

    I heard that the venerable DAC 8 from Audio Research is discontinued, and that a new DAC, which is (finally) DSD compatible will replace it.   This is all I heard.   anybody has some more news ? (availability date ? specs ? picture ? price...)   thanks
  19. bmichels

    TAD DA 1000: quitte nice DAC

    Does any one owe or has tested this DAC ? I will be very interested to read listening impressions ! Does it sound as good as it looks :-) ? Plus it is supposed to integrate a High-end headphone Amp ! Indeed, It is one of those that I am considering to feed my Eddie Curent 4-45 tube...
  20. bmichels

    Mytek Manhattan : PCM/DSD DAC-Pre With Headphone AMP

    Mytek Just announced their new DAC, the Manhattan,  that is supposed to include a TOL Headphone amp, with ZERO Ohm Headphone-out impedance and Headphone-out 3 positions gain switch.   Here is what they says ; "The Manhattan DAC Headphone Preamplifier represents Mytek's finest achievement. We...
  21. bmichels

    Windows 8 player designed for touchscreen ?

    As you may know, since I just bought a HUGO, I am now looking for a good "source".  Besides using the digital-out of a DAP, I am investigating Tablets with USB connection to the HUGO (I do not want to carry laptops).   I tried today jRiver on a 10" touch screen, and I believe that 10" is the...
  22. bmichels

    Windows Phone 8 USB AUDIO to External DAC

    Gentlemen,   I am looking for a source for my HUGO DAC/Amp, and get bit-perfect streaming (above 16/44) from Android or iPhone into an external DAC still seems quite complex ! Nothing really new in 3 years time ! Still the same stupid limitations !    So... is there any hope with the Windows...
  23. bmichels

    Rogers HF-200 tube amp

    This tube Amp has very good reviews as a Speaker amp, but has someone used it's Headphone output ?  Is it very good also ?   
  24. bmichels

    AKG K240 MKII; NEVER USED. brand new in it's box

     brand New AKG K240 MKII : 80€      
  25. bmichels

    Portable Balanced DAC/AMP Centrance HiFi-M8 LX

    I received " finally " my HiFi-M8 LX after.... a 10 months wait !.     But... In the mean time, since I could not wait, I bought other portable amps: a TU-05 with... tubes.     So ... my " never used " LX is for sale  (440€ + Shipping : I am based in Belgium, Europe) .    Outputs are : XLR...