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  1. hp1

    Best IEM for listening to dubstep and music producing??

    Hi guy, I am looking a IEM for personal listening and music producing. I was lucking at Westone universal fit the 2 and the shure SE425-V, SE315-K.Wich one is the best choice to go for?  -My budget is from $100 to $300. Help my choose!
  2. hp1

    Portable and affordable amplifier?

    I looking to buy a cheap amp for my macbook air 11. My budget is $100 or less, I have been looking around for product and review and I find  three that really interest me: The Audiophile Products Fireye II USB DAC/Headphones Amplifier at $95 The NuForce Icon uDAC2-HP (Black) Headphone Amp...