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  1. Tostapane

    Akg k612

    good condition, the words "reference akg headphones" is  lightened perfect sound, if you buy with k7xx (like new) the total price is € 270 included fast ship (2-3 working days).
  2. Tostapane

    DAC ipod touch 5g vs other entry level dac ( modi, odac, hrt ms2, fio e10 ecc)..

    hello i want buy a new dac for upgrade my ef2a will be ipod touch 5 dac an upgrade? how is this compared to other entry level "audiophile" dac?
  3. Tostapane

    i pod touch 5g

    i pod touch 5g  
  4. Tostapane

    Fiio E11 vs JDS Labs CmoyBB v2.03 vs e17(amp)

     e17 o e11 + dac (ud110 v2 - hifimediy) o JDS laboratori cmoybb 2.03?? Differenze Nelle Frequenze? chi ha bassi Più Profondi?