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  1. IPodPJ

    Brilliant comedic Halloween Facebook dialogue

    Saw this on the net and got a real kick out of it!    
  2. IPodPJ

    Higgs Boson particle finally declared a reality! And I hope everyone had a happy 4th!

    Have you guys been reading about this today (well, now yesterday) on the news sites? It's being covered everywhere and called the biggest scientific discovery in 50 years. CERN confirmed yesterday that the infamous Higgs field (and the Higgs Boson particle) which give matter mass, completes the...
  3. IPodPJ

    Apple Magic Mouse and Apple Magic Trackpad -- pretty cool devices!

    As a Mac Mini owner who was using an Apple Numeric keyboard but Logitech mice, I decided to upgrade to the Apple Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad to see if they would help increase my productivity in the graphics department, and general all-around use.   At first I didn't realize that the...
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    iPad 3 anticipation

    Who here is going to buy the new iPad 3/iPad HD/whatevertheycallit when announced on Wednesday?   I sold my iPad 2 last Saturday in anticipation of it.  It was perfect timing, too, because on the Sunday after Best Buy lowered all iPad 2 prices by $50, so I got maximum dollar for it.  ...
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    I just won an iPad 2 from the SquareTrade warranty giveaway!!

    50 ipads -- 2 winners a day for 25 days.... today I won..  I never win anything so I'm extremely excited.  I just bought an iPhone 4S a few weeks ago (which was my first new phone in 6 years), and a Squaretrade warranty for it which is why I was entered in their Facebook contest to win a 16GB...
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    PS Audio PerfectWave PowerPlant P5 + FREE Audio-gd POWER CORD ***FINAL PRICE DROP / LAST CALL****

    Hello!  This is the best deal you are likely to see on one of these for the next several years!   I'm selling one of my PS Audio PerfectWave P5 units because I don't need two.  It is a truly fantastic power regenerator and is leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor the Power Plant...
  7. IPodPJ Everyone who knows someone with cancer or has cancer must see this!! No ifs, ands or buts.

    Everyone who knows someone with cancer or has cancer must see this!!  No ifs, ands or buts. This is the most important documentary you will ever have seen.   Watch the full movie here on YouTube for free...
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    Audio-gd Reference 7.1 DAC

    All new information and reviews for the latest Reference 7.1 DAC should probably be posted here instead of being mixed in with the other Reference threads.   People should be receiving theirs very soon if they haven't already.  Mine should be arriving tomorrow.
  9. IPodPJ ad is causing Head-Fi browser to respond extremely slow when it shows up.

    The title says it all.  There is an ad which is an animated one which has bars showing its loading progress and scrolls through different products.  Everytime this happens the site virtually locks up.  Clicking or scrolling anywhere on the site is at a 5-10 second stand still until...
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    iPad 2 announced on   Doesn't look like much of an upgrade to me.
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    New: Logitech Transporter SE

    In case anyone wasn't aware of this, it came out about 2 weeks ago and retails for $1499.   It's $500 less than the original Transporter with the only difference being:   "The Transporter SE has the...
  12. IPodPJ

    Fosgate Signature Headphone Amp

    Pretty nice looking tube amp.     They have the description backwards though.  The phono stage is on the right, the headphone amp is on the left.
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    Feb 10 - iPhone comes to Verizon   Woohoo!
  14. IPodPJ

    Absolutely breathtaking photographs from the ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
  15. IPodPJ

    Steven Wilson - the hypocrite....

    From PT's website:   12/18/2010 PT App PT are in the process of developing an official App for iPhone and iPad for release around Feb/March (and maybe later also for Android). It's heading towards being something quite unique, watch this space for more news soon...     Didn't Steven...
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    FPGA-based CPU With 1000 Cores Heralds New Era In Computing

    This is pretty cool.
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    Just got a disturbing phone call

    I just got a disturbing phone call from one of my customers. She is very spiritual and told me that one of her friends who is a psychic predicted a big earthquake for Los Angeles between the 22nd - 27th of this month, particularly on the 25th - Xmas. She said this person had predicted the...
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    Thomas Dolby - Oceanea EP - second in a series of three EPs from the upcoming new album Map Of The Floating City

    Several months ago I posted that the first in a series of three EPs, Amerikana, had been released to members of Thomas Dolby's fan club.  This EP contained 3 great songs.   Released on November 29, the second EP, Oceanea, also contains 3 great songs.  Thomas himself considers it to be the...
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    The most important article on Tinnitus you've ever read

    You must be logged into to Facebook to access, but when you are, go to this link:   and go to page 24 of the live document.   It is an extremely informative article from the October 2010 edition of...
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    How many of you like to bake?  I find it very relaxing, and love sharing the goodies with my family, girlfriend and friends.   If you have pictures of some of your creations, please post them and describe what it is.   This is the first cheesecake I've ever made.  We will be eating it...
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    New EP from Thomas Dolby - Amerikana

      I just got an e-mail tonight from the Thomas Dolby fan community.  He's got an EP out now called Amerikana with 3 tracks on it only for the community (but you can buy it since I'm providing the link -- I don't think you have to sign up).  It cost $3.  Pretty interesting stuff, very different...
  22. IPodPJ

    Chevron's intentional decades-long toxic wastewater dumping in Ecuador -- 10 times the size of the BP disaster

    Press release: The Ecuador disaster is still considered the world’s largest oil-related catastrophe, though it often is not “ranked” because it was the product of deliberate planning to cut costs rather than a spectacular accident, according to representatives of the plaintiffs. “Chevron...
  23. IPodPJ

    This country keeps getting dumber and dumber. Spelling Bee Protests!!!   It's almost unbelievable.  You've got to read this.
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    Conklin Dairy Farm horror

      These people deserve the same treatment they inflict upon the cows.   Read story and then scroll down to watch video.   This sickening treatment of animals is nothing new, and if you'd like to be...
  25. IPodPJ

    Wearable Woofer -- This could be great for audiophiles and gamers alike!   At $190, it could be an inexpensive way to seriously enhance the headphone experience.