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  1. SixthFall

    ALO Audio Rx For Sale

    Hey everyone. Looking to sell my brand new mint condition ALO rx. Great amp, sounds amazing with my CIEMs, just dont use it much at the moment. Comes with all accesories in the original packaging. 110 OBO shipped ^^some photos!
  2. SixthFall


    Hello, I have a three month old Fiio a5 (in black) for sale. Mint condition. Asking $80 shipped. here are the photos, cant seem to attach them. Thanks!
  3. SixthFall

    Yulong A100 (and a schiit modi!)

    I am looking to sell my Yulong A100 headphone amp. It is almost brand new, got if a few months ago for $500, and am downsizing my headphone collection. It is powerful, rated at 1.5w output and can drive almost any headphone very well. It has great reviews and is now fairly hard to get a hold of...
  4. SixthFall


    Hello, for sale I have a 2 month old JDS labs C421 portable amp. Perfect condition, great little amp with lots of power. Pairs great with just about anything. Comes with the all black enclosure, and a charging cord.   Asking 120 USD, with a small amount of room to negotiate   Buyer pays...
  5. SixthFall

    JDS Labs ODAC for sale!

  6. SixthFall

    Shure SRH 940 for sale!

        SOLD Pics to follow.
  7. SixthFall

    Heir Audio 4ai For Sale

    For sale I have a pair of heir audio 4ai's. I am the first and only owner. They come with the stock cable, all tips, carrying case, cleaning tool as well as A NEW AFTERMARKET SILVER CABLE by Chris_Himself. I am asking $360 OBO for everything, Not including shipping. Will ship to Canada and to...
  8. SixthFall

    Yaqin CD3

      Hi Head-fi! Up for sale is my Yaqin CD3 tube buffer. It is used to add a little tubey sound to your system. It will make the mids lusher, extend lows and open up the soundstage. The entire unit has about 50 hours on it, all with the TJ Full Music tubes. The stock tubes have even less. I am...
  9. SixthFall

    Sennheiser HD600 For Sale!

    Hello guys. I am selling my head-fi stuff to pursue another hobby, which is also quite expensive :(. For sale is a pair of MINT HD600's with stock cable. New unit, less than 1 yr old. Includes what you see in pics. Comes with original reciept and display box with foam. Used less than 50 hours...
  10. SixthFall

    Portable gaming blowout!!!

    Hey guys, for sale today I have a cosmos black Nintendo 3ds. Very good condition, comes with charging cord, cradle, 3 games (The legend of zelda: ocarina of time, Asphalt 3D and Pro evolution soccer 2011 as well as) and a 2 gb SD card. Hardly ever used. Asking $90.   Also up for sale is my...
  11. SixthFall

    IC: Shure SE535

      Hello,   I am putting this up as an interest check for my Shure SE535-CL's (Clear). I would like to get about $350 out of them (all reasonable offers will be considered), and I would prefer Canadian buyers. They would come with the sales receipt, all accessories, all tips, the metal tin and...
  12. SixthFall

    IC: Shure SE535

  13. SixthFall

    IC: Audio Technica ATH M50S SOLD

    Hi Head-Fi,   I am considering selling my M50's as I never really listen to them. They are like new with no cosmetic damage at all, and have less than 10 hours on them. I would like to get about sold out of them, with free shipping in Canada, but I may consider selling to the USA as well. The...
  14. SixthFall

    Woo Me With Your WA3!!

    Hello Everyone,   I am looking to buy a Woo Audio WA3. Looking for under $400, but all offers are strongly considered. No international outside of the USA or Canada. I promise it will have a good home    Thanks!!! EDIT: Still open, send me an offer!
  15. SixthFall

    WTB: Must. Fuel. Crack. Addiction. (Bottlehead Crack)

    Yes, you read that right, I need some CRACK, Bottlehead Crack that is!    I am looking to buy a bottle head crack, preferably completed, but I guess I could build one my self if I had to. Soo, if you want to part with your crack (with or without speedball), and want to have some extra cash...
  16. SixthFall

    Need amp for DT 990 PRO 250 Ohm and possibly HE-400

    Hey guys, so I was looking at two possible amps the Hifiman HF2A or the Bellari HA540. My budget is about $300 CAD. I own some M50's and some hd558's, and I know the m50's won't benefit much from an amp but i want one for the 558's. The amp has to be able to power the Dt 990 PRO 250 ohms well...
  17. SixthFall

    Need help with an amp for Berydynamic DT 990 Pro

    Hey guys, I'm getting a Fiio E11 soon, and due to a limited budget, and less selection it's about all I can get. Here is the pickle, would it power the 990's sufficently, or would I be better off with a E9? I am leaning towards the E11 because I want the portability, and I can't get both right...