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  1. DJScope

    Jays q-JAYS Reference earphones (2nd generation) Impressions Thread

    This is an appreciation & impressions thread for the new Jays q-JAYS reference IEMs.   You can find all the Juicy details on them here:  
  2. DJScope

    [2021 Update] Venture Electronics (VE) Monk V2, Monk Plus & Monk Go: a $5 earbud that taking the world by storm!!!

    2021 Update: I've recently come back to Head-Fi after years of being absent do to illness. I've gotten my hands on the new iteration of the Monk family, called the Monk Go and will be adding impressions as I go. It feels great to add to the history and journey of such an enigma when it comes to...
  3. DJScope

    Cozoy Aegis - 192kHz 24bit DAC/amp - Compatible with Android and iOS!

    I've seen this little beauty floating around. It's one of the most beautiful pieces of gear I've ever seen! I tried the Cozoy Astrapi before and boy was it a little box of surprises. I've only go high hopes for this one. I'm going to try to get my hands on one of these really soon!  ...
  4. DJScope

    Xiaomi Pistons 2.1 (modded)

    Hey guys,   Selling my Xiaomi Pistons 2.1s. They've been filter/grille modded to reduce some of the bass. You can put foam back into the housing if you want them to sound as stock. Though, to my ears, they sound better after the mod.   Will ship anywhere in the world as long as buyer pays...
  5. DJScope

    Topping NX1 or Fiio E6

    Hey guys!   I can get these 2 amps for roughly the same price and I'm tossing up between which one is the appropriate purchase. I have no experience with HP amps and do see a difference between the 2 in terms of specs and would need some advice. Im not looking to spend over $30. Yes, Im a...