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  1. tusing

    ZMF Auteur Blackwood Limited Edition (silver grilles/rods)

    PRICE LOWERED TO $1650 from initial offer of $1800 and initial price of $2100 Hi all. I'm /u/tusing on Reddit. You can find my review of my particular ZMF Auteur in Blackwood here. Feel free to look at my trade history on /r/mechmarket there. I have one trade here. This ZMF Auteur was made at...
  2. tusing

    HIGHEST SNR Portable Amps?

    Hey, all,   Using a Galaxy S6 with a -95 dB SNR, but hiss is still *very* audible with my sensitive IEMs. I'm looking for ultra-high SNR, very portable (can fit in my pocket/etc with my phone) DAC.   Any ideas?
  3. tusing

    PLEASE Help me select IEMs based off of THIS PLAYLIST?

    Hi all,   I've been looking for some IEMs to get that will replace my GR07 BE's. My GR07 BE's fell apart, so I'm looking for headphones with relatively good construction. I have a $200 limit, $250ish at the very, very most. Warranty is important, so half a year of warranty, at least.   I got...
  4. tusing

    Best for Instrumental? (eg. Hans Zimmer, Audiomachine, Two Steps From Hell) from GR07BE

    Hi, all,   I've been looking for some good headphones to listen to instrumental music. Mainly, music like that of Hans Zimmer, Audiomachine, and Two Steps From Hell. I listen to the occasional dubstep/chillstep/electronic song (eg. Deadmau5's Strobe, Bleed, Cephei).   I currently own GR07...