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  1. shuman0101

    Harmon Kardon NCs worth it for $139?   +$10 off using coupon+ free shipping.   Deal or no deal?
  2. shuman0101

    My pro700MK2s died... Looking for a pair of bassy headphones under 170$

    Hey guys, I recently acquired a pair of PRO700MK2s and I loved them!unfortunately after 2 weeks of very light use the left driver gave away so I'm going to have to send them back. they sound good but I don't think I can trust AT again with my money.   So I'm back to square one. I want a pair...
  3. shuman0101

    Opinions on ath-pro700mk2s?

    Hey guys, I'm in the market for a new pair of headphones and after hours and hours of research I think I've found the perfect pair for me... at least I think.   I've already tried the ATH-M50s and quite liked them, but I was annoyed with the non-detachable cable. The pro700mk2, from what i...
  4. shuman0101

    Thinking of going from K167s to Pro700MK2

    Hey guys, I recently acquired a pair of AKG K167s and am not liking them so far. It has fairly weak bass and mid-bass so without any eq-ing most of the songs I listen to sound lifeless and dull. They are very clear and have fantastic highs, but that coupled with the recessed lows and low-mids...