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  1. mwhals

    [Sold] Questyle QP1R (Gold) for sale in excellent condition

    Hi Head-fi, I'm selling a Questyle QP1R Gold This exceptional DAP in like new condition cosmetically and functionally (see pictures). It is complete in the original packaging with original accessories. The only issue is that the battery indicator is not accurate, but the battery still holds a...
  2. mwhals

    ALAC and FLAC identical collections on same PC

    I have all ALAC files in my iTunes directory for loading onto my iPhone and I have all FLAC files in another directory for my Questyle QP1R and Sony HAP-1ZES in my stereo rack. Does it make sense to keep both formats? The hard drive space is not an issue. I burn my CDs to all locations all at...
  3. mwhals

    Just got out my 4th generation iPod after years of storage

    I had not used an iPod for years since we got our first iPhone (iPhone 4). It had been in the closet all those years. Having just bought a 2017 Honda Civic that will only accept AAC or MP3 files, I decided to use the iPod instead of a USB stick. My music is stored as FLAC files and within iTunes...
  4. mwhals

    ZeroSurge and Brickwall - is There a Difference

    ZeroSurge and Brickwall look very similar. Is there a difference and is one preferred over the other?
  5. mwhals

    KEF x300a vs JBL lsl305 Ignoring Price

    I am looking at the KEF x300a and JBL lsl305 speakers for my desktop. Regardless of price, how do these two speakers audibly compare? Are there other active speakers of the same physical size that I should be considering for up to $800? I do not want wireless or bluetooth. I realize a dac is...
  6. mwhals

    Upgrade PC Audio for $500 to $1000

    I have Bose Companion speakers and now want to upgrade to take advantage of the FLAC files I have now. I am looking at starting at the Windows 10 computer's USB port to a dac/amp to 2.0 speakers. I would consider powered speakers with just a dac or maybe a dac with headphone amp. Any advice?
  7. mwhals

    How does the Shure SE846 Sound Change with Different Material Cables?

    I was wondering how copper and silver cables affect the sound of the Shure SE846.
  8. mwhals

    Universal IEM With Great Balance

    This IEM would be used with the Sony NW-ZX2. I like to listen to pop, rock and dance. Heart is my favorite group. I want a universal IEM with great balance between bass, mids and treble. My budget is up to $1100 and I was considering the Shure es846, but am concerned with its treble from what I...
  9. mwhals

    First Post: Is the Sony WH-ZX2 better at 16/44.1 than an iphone 6? What is the best iem for either?

    I am looking at the Sony NW-ZX2 mainly for its ability to have 256 GB of total storage vs the 128 GB of my iPhone. I have about 220 GB of FLAC files ripped from CDs, so they are all 16/44.1 with the rare occasion of a 24/44.1 from a very few higher resolution CDs.   Since I do not technically...