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  1. metric1

    SOLD: Mod House Audio - Argon MKIII

    A spotless pair of Argon MKIII's I ordered these on 9th January 2020, they were delivered to me (UK) on 18th April 2020. I listened to them for perhaps 4 - 6hrs after 150hrs burn-in (continuous dub and electro at moderate volume). They are phenomenal and sounded great with my Naim DAC V1...
  2. metric1

    Sold: Naim DAC-V1 Pre-amplifier, DAC & Headphone Amplifier

    Naim DAC-V1 Pre-amplifier, DAC & Headphone Amplifier - Superb Condition. Complete with original box, Naim cable and remote. There is no manual but this is easily available online and via the Naim website. Used very successfully with the following headphones: Audeze LCD-X, ZMF Aeolus, Argon MK3...
  3. metric1

    Sold: Very Rare Telefunken E88CC (1) / 6922 Gold Pin (matched pair)

    This is a matched pair of Telefunken Gold Pin E88 CC 1 - which are exceedingly rare now. Purchased from a private collector (NOS) for use with my Pathos Aurium. They have less than 100 hours on them. I've now sold my Pathos, so letting these go as well. Upscale Audio retail these for $700 for...
  4. metric1

    SOLD: Audeze LCD-X

    I purchased these from Scan back in February (see image). This is the 'Creator' package i.e., no travel case and no balanced cable. Condition is immaculate, as new - about 150hrs very careful use.
  5. metric1

    [SOLD] RME ADI-2 fs DAC (v2 December 2019) + Remote

    Hello, Purchased in December 2019 (receipt included) - this is the revised edition with the new remote. I am the second owner, the first owner fell on hard times and had to sell all his audio gear. Given the condition, I'm not sure he'd used it much at all. I'm having a clear-out of gear to...
  6. metric1

    Looking for amp recomendations for Audeze LCD-X

    Hello!   After auditioning a large selection of headphones from Beyer, Hifiman, Mr Speakers, Sennheiser, B&W, Oppo and others, including other Audeze offerings (including the XC's) the LCD-X's just had it for me, I kept coming back to them again and again. I auditioned them on an Oppo HA-1...